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Dark Souls 2: Return to the Mouth of Madness

dark souls 2

We find ourselves again at the gates of despair and death. I have lived more lives than I can count, but in the end everything leads to the same blackness everlasting that engulfs me and threatens to take everything from those I have come to know. Death….I challenge you to keep me from coming back. Death….I say unto you do your worst. Death….I say to you bring your legions, your abominations, and your unending want of lost souls. Death….I am going to fuck you, and not in a good way.

Welcome, greetings and salutations to all of you faithful Evil Geeks who come back for more even after we have taken everything you can give. I, of course, am your Necro Supreme and liver of dreams, Arthur Harkness, and today I am going to be delving back into something you all know I love and despise at the same time. If you have kept up with my Twitter rants and read my post on the first Dark Souls, you will know that my love for this game is deep, but at the same time my hatred grows with every second that I spend playing it. What sort of hatred you ask? The sort that burns until you have no other option but to strike it down with the heaviest of all objects, or the sharpest, or of the sorcerous variety. There is something about constant failure that drives me to continue going forward in terms of game progression, but sometimes, enough is enough. Grab onto my cloak guys because you are not going to want to get lost in the Kingdom of Drangleic.

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Dark Souls

dark souls

You know…..there’s rarely a game that makes me physically want to harm myself. In the storied history of my gaming career, there comes to mind only 3 games that I have put in the effort to and was unable to complete. Those games are the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES, Mega Man Battle Network 4 on the GBA (which caused me to nearly break my fucking hand on a wooden chair in fury) and Dark Souls…..fucking Dark Souls. Every other game that I have put a solid amount of time and effort into I was able to conquer, even if it took forever. Usually with games, I get very frustrated if I don’t beat it in some fashion, so it breaks my heart to put something down in defeat. I had to do it to the 3 previously mentioned games, and while I know in my heart I will never beat TMNT without Game Genie and Mega Man BN4 is just something I haven’t had the desire to play again, Dark Souls was something else entirely.

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