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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – The Dark Knight Retread

Sick and tired of waiting for Warner Brothers and/or DC Comics to tarnish the legacy of the Dark Knight Returns with the upcoming film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice or the proposed third chapter of the comic book storyline? Well, wait no more! Resident artists Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness are here to begin the memory-sullying that will undoubtedly occur in the next few years. I tasked them to reproduce the following image in their own distinctive style:

photo 1

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Comic Book Panel of the Day 1/29/13

Morning Geeks!

To commemorate the release of The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 on DVD and BluRay, today’s Panel of the Day comes from none other than Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #4!
If you’ve never read this story and are waiting to see the movie, stop here because we’ve got some spoilers. OK, you’ve been warned, now check out this panel…
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13 Ideas for 2013


With 2013 already upon us, here’s my list of 13 different items that could shake up the nerd world this year! So let the speculation begin and feel free to send in your comments and rant and rave with me…

1) Will Scott Snyder have The Joker kill Alfred in Death of the Family?

The Joker
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