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Who Review – Into the Dalek

Doctor-Who-Season-8-Pic-31Hey there, Evil Geeks! Last week we finally got to properly meet Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor and while we fans think he’s certainly a kick ass descendant to Matt Smith’s exiting eleventh Doctor, it seems those closest to him, particularly Clara, still aren’t so sure about the new guy.  Even the Doctor himself is unsure of who he is, as he straight up asks Clara if he’s a good man.  She doesn’t immediately answer the question and when she eventually does, it might not be the answer the Doctor wanted to hear.  Is this slightly dickish Doctor still a decent person or did his regeneration leave him without the sense of compassion and kindness that’s been the Doctor’s trademark all these centuries?

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Villain Spotlight: The Daleks

Welcome back all of my little exterminators to another edition of your favorite weekly dose of the vile and cruel, and this week is nothing short of amazing. I normally choose which villains to spotlight just about the day before I actually write the column. This one however, has been in the background of my mind for quite a while, and I was thinking of saving it until a more appropriate time. A time that coincides with a certain November extravaganza that I am impatiently waiting for….but I couldn’t wait any longer. I just felt like today was the right day for this, and it will also give you all more than enough time to check it out before the big day later this year. Ladies and gentlemen, it brings me great pleasure to bring you guys the glory that is ……. The Daleks!

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Big Evil’s Bridge to Who-Vana

Good Afternoon Nerds!

Even though I’ve been a geek for my entire life, there still have been a few geeky things that have eluded me in different ways. I’ve spoken in the past how I was dead-against Star Trek for a good portion of my life, but turned into a pretty big Trekkie after the new movies were released. With that said, I have found another piece of the nerd pie these past couple of weeks and I plan to devour it up over the summer! That missing piece of geekdom is none other than Doctor Who!

So at this point your probably saying one of two things:
“Doctor Who, really? You’re just getting into that?” or “Doctor Who, really? You’re watching the show with the guy in the scarf?” I can say that I was definitely part of the second group up until about a week ago. I mean I’ve seen Doctor Who before, really I have. I remember watching it on public access TV in the 80’s at my grandmother’s senior living apartments. She always had it on so whenever I went there I would catch it and to be honest thought it was kinda dumb. I’ve already said that Star Trek never appealed to me because it looked so cheesy and as a kid I thought the same thing about Doctor Who, but I was a nerdy fat kid so I watched whatever was on the flickering box in front of me, or maybe I just played with my toys with it on in the background? Needless to say, the good doctor didn’t leave a good taste in my mouth (or maybe those were my Grandma’s stale cookies?) In fact, looking back I don’t know if ol’ Grammy Evil was an old school Whovian or just thought that The Doctor was a news reporter? (Yeah, Grandma kinda lost it by then….) Read the rest of this entry

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