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Evil Geek Book Report: Assimilation Squared

I’ve been getting more and more in to extended universe stories for various universes I love, especially the Doctor Who universe, but this graphic novel was one of my first I’ve read since middle school, and it’s combination of two episodes universes was well worth the read: Assimilationcombines my favorite Doctor of the Doctor Who universe with arguably the best Star Trek universe: TNG. Are you ready to engage?


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Who Review – Nightmare In Silver


If you listen closely Evil Geeks, you’ll hear the gentle whirring of the TARDIS materializng which can only mean one thing: A new Who Review is upon us!  This week we’ve got a tremendous episode ahead of us, as we see not only the return of the slow, clunky menace that be the Cybermen PLUS if that’s not enough to get your Whovian sense tingling, Neil Gaiman is back to pen the episode.  Someone get me a can opener, because we’re getting to the heart of these robotic terrors!

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