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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Sarlacc

Happy weekend Star Wars nerds! Today we are venturing a little bit aways from Jabba’s Palace though staying on the planet of Tatooine. Today we meet a monster that will bring you a thousand deaths over centuries, a creature used for torture and punishment, an alien that should be both feared and revered: The Sarlacc.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts From Jabba’s Palace: the Hutt himself

That’s right folks, we’re still stranded on Tatooine this weekend and why not feature the big cheese himself: Jabba and his kind. This ruthless slug-like alien is a vicious crimelord, and his title “the Hutt” is actually in reference to his species, so let’s learn a little more about these monstrous aliens.

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts From Jabba’s Palace: Twi’leks

Welcome back all you Star Wars loving geeks, I have been working on my degree in cryptozoology just for you and decided to spend some time combing over the various species encountered in Jabba’s Palace. It is full of some wonderful creatures and equally stellar scenes. Today we start with an alien species that I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t meet one on Doctor Who sometime. We’re going to talk about Twi’lek’s, and specifically one of Jabba’s main men in the movie: Bib Fortuna.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Manticore

All too often we find ourselves talking about chimeras here, and sure enough I have another one for you. The chimera we will be talking about today is closely related to the sphinx. You can see some of the similarities with the manticore having a lion like body and human head. But the creature also has several rows of sharp shark teeth, the tail of a scorpion, and occasionally large bat-like wings. This creature is not one you want to mess with, and continue on for some of the best appearances of this creature in modern culture.

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Top 5 Rabbits


Yes, you read that correctly, I am indeed writing a post about rabbits. You are probably thinking something along the lines of “What the f*$%?!?! I come to this weekly post for my alien and monster obsessions, and Lilith is writing about rabbits?! Has she gone soft?” No folks, I am not going soft, and this post is going to be far from what you might be picturing, no real fluffy, cutsie, adorable little bunnies hopping around in flower filled fields. Well, there might be one, but trust me, you’ll understand once you have read this. There is really just one bunny that inspired me to write this post in the first place, who will be taking my number one slot of course, but as I was thinking about this diabolical lagomorph I realized there are a lot of great rabbits out there in the movies and literature. So today I decided to give you Lilith’s Top 5 Rabbits In The Movies. Sorry I’m too late for Easter.

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Horror of Horrors: The Pale Man

Leave it to Guillermo De Toro to have created a movie so full of vivid imagery that it will forever be engrained in my brain. The movie I am referring to: Pan’s Labyrinth. This movie is so full of stunning pictures, imaginative creatures, and one monster in it know as “The Pale Man” will forever terrorize my nightmares as one of the most horrific creatures of all time.


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