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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Will-o’-the-wisp

Happy Saturday geeks, hope your weekend is gloriously filled with creatures, monsters, and all those adventures you couldn’t partake on during the work week. Here is your faithful Lilith trying to start your weekend off right again with another creature spotlight, this week focusing on a creature that is otherworldly while at the same time not extraterrestrial. Today I bring you the ever elusive Will-o’-the-wisp.


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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Back

I know I normally greet you all back to your favorite weekend column, but I guess I should be welcoming myself back. As you all know, I got a bit distracted last week and sadly found myself snatched by some repulsive troll. Naturally my wolves were on the way to my rescue when Arthur had to intervene, probably to keep himself more entertained than anything since my wolves and I had the situation under control. If you ask me, he just wanted another excuse to play with that tentacle-thingy of his from the earth. But I am back this weekend, and I am setting out alone this week, leaving my wolves and their lovely aroma of “troll farts” as my parting gift to the geeks still in the evil lair. Where am I off to? Well, last weekend I don’t think anyone adequately answered the riddle posed by the troll. I am not sure what your vote is, but I think the answer is “a river”. Arthur? Is it really wolves?  I think a river could be an answer as well. But I digress, the riddle this week is not where I am off to, but it did inspire me to pursue the mighty sphinx.


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