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Ep 189 – Talking Danny and Harry Private Detectives with Charles Santino and Walter Brogan

It’s new podcast time, Evil Geeks! Today we’re donning our over coats, popping on our fedoras, and getting ready to hit the gritty streets because we’re in DETECTIVE MODE! C-Mart talks with Charles Santino and Walter Brogan about their new web comic Danny and Harry Private Detectives. They also talk both Charles and Walter’s past work in comics, including Walter’s stint at Cracked Magazine and much more!

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This Book is Full of Spiders: Why I Can’t Sleep Anymore

this book is full of spiders

Imagine laying in bed at night. It’s been a long, hard day at work and all you want to do is drown out the day and drift off into a blissful sleep. You begin to doze, darkness flowing over you to take your brain to dream land. Pain…a sharp pain on your foot. You throw off the covers in an attempt to see what is causing you this uninvited discomfort. You immediately regret your decision. A black mass of flailing limbs and teeth is attaching itself to your leg. Everyone’s worst nightmare. Shitty part is…you’re awake.

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John Dies At The End: A Theatre For The Absurd

I was never really too much into the whole internet thing. I used it mainly for cheat codes and looking at the most disgusting things my cousin and I could think of to put into whatever search engine we were using at the time. That was fun. However, I could never spend the amount of time on their that most people could. There were other things I would have preferred to be doing. Years went by and my internet usage slightly increased due to the sheer number of things people began putting up there. Long story short, my buddy introduced me to a while ago, and I fell in love with that site. I would read anything and everything on there, still do sometimes. However, I began to see ads for a book written by the editor of, David Wong. David is not his real name, but it is the one he prefers to use, so I will respect that. The book was called John Dies At The End. Catchy title I thought. Horror/comedy/insanity was used to describe the book. As we all know, good ol’ Arthur here is drawn to that shit like a magnet. So naturally, I picked it up and started reading. What follows is my decent into madness and the following crawl back to sanity bundled with a really solid read. But before reading this, I must warn you….sometimes when you least expect it….like in this wonderful book of batshit craziness…a dick may appear out of nowhere.


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