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Alexander Iaccarino’s Movie Poster Art

I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I have a bit of a preoccupation with art. One of my favorite genres though is the classic movie poster, it’s something that sadly has been disappearing over the last 20 years. Everything now seems to use the real actors either straight on or photoshopped and arranged. I miss the days of thoughtful composition that enticed the viewers imagination.  Freelance artist Alexander Iaccarino is bringing them back one movie at a time.


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Brovember 20 – Spike and Jet

spike and jet1

Hey there all you guys and gals in the geekdom! Now, I know I have been kind of slacking on the Brovember posts, but in all honesty, I’ve been goddamn busy. The streets of Gotham are not going to keep themselves safe, amiright? Anyways, in between catching up on everything I possibly can and making sure to keep churning out your regular doses of Arthur each week, the rest of the geeks have been dropping some cuddly knowledge on you on some of our favorite bromances/friendships, and now it is my turn. Scouring the depths of my brain and going back a few years, I picked these two guys out of the woodwork of one of my favorite shows, and decided to present them for your approval. Ladies and germs, I give to you Spike and Jet, from Cowboy Bebop.

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