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Horror of Horrors: Cornfields

Any rational horror/thriller loving freaks like yours truly and likely yourselves should have figured out by now there are some inherent rules to maximize your chances of survival when you are transplanted in to a plot-line involving horror and mayhem. Some movies like Scream and Zombieland even spotlight these rules throughout the movie so those of you that are a little behind the eight ball with survival instincts can catch up.


Recently I thought of another inherent “rule” that should be considered for minimizing your imminent death come whatever “fill in the blank” apocalypse or scary movie situation you might encounter: beware of cornfields. While I try not to spend too much time going in to my personal life when it comes to these posts, I think I might have to explain how I came to the conclusion that it was worth posting about this subject- it occurred to me the other week as I was moving cross-country from Boston, MA to San Jose, CA (making it all the easier to infect you West-Coasters with a healthy addiction to the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks). One afternoon ended with crossing ½ of Ohio state, of which 90% was cornfields. The following day the saga continued, and the last 8 hours of traversing Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa was filled with the majestic cornfield as the only scenery for my tired eyes. Naturally I was basking in ennui and couldn’t wait to get through our breadbasket (aka wasteland to me, sorry Mid-Westerners).


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