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Comic Con Survival Guide

Hey Nerds!
So if you’ve been following us then you know we are in countdown mode for the New York Comic Con next month so this post is dedicated just to that. We did the Pros and Cons last week to wet your appetite and get you excited to buy a ticket and put on your spandex, but now that we have convinced you to go there are a few things that you’ll want to do to prepare yourself for the awesomeness of your upcoming fanboy (or girl) weekend! It doesn’t matter if your a con virgin or a seasoned professional, a little planning can make it all good, so says the brotherhood!

Where the Hell am I?
Are you a real New Yorker? Or just someone who goes there every 5 years? Either way, you gotta find the Javitz Center. It is actually quite easy by car but you have to factor in parking to your daily cost to attend. Rules are simple, if you want to park a block or two away you’re gonna have to pony up at least $50 in a garage, but if you park a few block further down the street then you can easily cut that in half. So it’s the old argument to pay more for convenience.

Be careful where you park….Sand People fuck up cars on their turf!

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