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Panel of the Day 2/13/11 – The Joker’s Big Day!

One of these people might not make it through today!!!

One of these people might not make it through today!!!


Good morning, Evil Geeks!  If you’re a Bat-Fan like most of us are, you know that today is going to be a killer for the Bat-Family in an all too tragic and literal sense.  The Joker’s been wreaking havoc across the Batman books for the past few months and the Death of the Family storyline is finally coming to a conclusion today with the release Batman #17.  Mr. J has been more terrifying than ever during this comeback of his and all we know for sure is that SOMETHING bad is going to go down. So in honor of the Joker and his devious plan, we’re dedicating our Panel of the Day to him.

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Panel of the Day 2/11/13

Greetings Evil Geek Guys and Gals, today’s panel of the day celebrates America’s second favorite pre-teen psychopath (behind Damian Wayne of Course) Carl Grimes!  Poor little Carl’s been through some pretty nasty stuff in his short life and things certainly don’t look to be getting any better for him.  Since The Walking Dead is back on AMC this week, we thought the least we could do to help out Carl is to dedicate a Panel of the Day to the little nut job.  Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead comic. Warning x2: Today’s panels (we gave Carl two, trust us, he deserves them) are jusssssssst a little bit graphic.

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Comic Book Panel Of The Day 2/9/13

Two weeks back we featured a panel from New Avengers 2, in which the Illuminati members resigned to the fact that in order to save our Earth, they’d have to enlist the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. Clearly, it was setting up these characters for a storyline that could tie into the Marvel Movieverse’s next wave of projects. Well, in issue 3 they pretty much seal the deal.


When the titular team bring together their gems, powerful beings all across the universe take notice. The other two that were shown. Uatu and Galactus both seem concerned by the union of the gems. Thanos seems very pleased… and that is not historically a good thing. As much as you don’t want to be on Thanos’ bad side, it’s probably bad for your soul to be on his good side.

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Comic Book Panel of the Day 2/8/13

Happy Friday Evil Geeks!

Today’s Panel of the Day comes from The Flash # 13 from a couple months ago. I know, I know, not the most current, but still delightfully gruesome! Flash’s Rogues have always been pretty awesome in my mind and although they definitely changed them up in the New 52, I’m pretty much OK with them. One dynamic that they kept from the old DCU is a younger Trickster character by the name of Axel Walker, who was basically a punk kid who used his tech to rob people and basically cause chaos for the Flash. In what seems like old-hat for Axel, he screwed up one of the Rogues scores and was thrown out of the group. He then tries to get back into the group by getting on Captain Cold’s good side, but it doesn’t work out the way he hoped. Leading up to our panel, Grodd and his army of Gorillas has attended Central City in search of The Flash. While our hero and the rest of the rogues are dealing with the monkeys, The Trickster attempts to appeal to Grodd and act as a liason to Central City, stating that he knows it like the back of his hand. The panel below illustrates just why there are bars up in the zoo… Take a look!
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Comic Book Panel of The Day 2/5/13

Salutations Evil Geeks, it’s time for a new Panel of The Day! Today’s panel honors one of the coolest characters to come out of Kevin Eastman and Peter Lard’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe: Casey Jones! In one of the sports enthusiast/unhinged maniac’s first appearances he shows to to assist Leo, Don, Raph, and Mike at a key moment as the boys are battling the Foot Clan. Casey bursts onto the scene, savagely screaming his trademark battle cry:


A memorable entrance from a truly memorable character! That’s all for today Evil Geeks!

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Comic Book Panel of the Day 2/4/13

When a lavatory explodes, what sound does it make?

bathroom panel

from Excalibur vol.1 #43

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