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Evil Geeks On The Road: The EMP Museum

Sorry for the lack of posts this summer, but this Lady Geek has been all over the place lately: getting some quality time in the woods with my wolves, transplanting my private evil lair to a place with more land for the hounds, and getting some well deserved R&R as I did some sight seeing around the Northwest. I went to a lot of great places, but there is one place I really want to suggest to all you geeks out there: The EMP Museum.


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We NEED this for the Evil Lair! 3/25/2013

Hey Geeks!

Today’s collectable is a brand new one of Big Blue himself; Superman. Lee Bermejo has depicted the Man of Steel various times in print, but his design makes this awesome sculpture just come to life. The stance has Superman primed and ready to fight for truth, justice, and the American way after just descending from the air. His signature cape is flapping in the wind and really creates a movement that brings you right into the figure…Check it Out!

Supes Statue
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We NEED this for the Evil Lair! 3/7/2013

Hey Geeks!

Big Evil’s back with an awesome collectable that I may seriously be throwing down my hard earned money for sometime this summer! Sideshow Collectables has a brand new Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Premium Format Figure that you can get on pre-order today. Just so we’re clear, this isn’t one of your dad’s toys; this is 12 pound, 21 inch tall sculpture of awesomeness! Basically it’s got Hal standing on a base of green willpower with a classic giant GL power fist wrapping around his hand… Check it out!



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