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The Things I Do For Comics – Straight Edge #1


This book, man.

As you may have gleaned from our appearance schedule, this site is based out of New York’s capital region. The comic shows in the area, while definitely on the rise, are fairly small in scale and limited in number and as such, don’t always draw the most impressive guests or exhibitors. Certainly, there are toys to be found at Albany Comicon and I feel like the Chase Con Expo will deliver exponentially exciting guests as time goes on, but for now things leave a lot to be desired. But I know this. I’ve been to some very big conventions, and I don’t expect to be rubbing elbows with Joe Quesada in a bar after these shows, and likewise I don’t expect DC to announce a new book in the Holiday Inn courtyard.

That being said, I never expected this…


I found this book in the garbage can outside of the Albany Comic Con. That should have been my first sign, in hindsight. This is an event dedicated to the love of comic books and someone saw fit to discard this one amid the festivities, You may be thinking it was a free giveaway, and someone took it to be polite and then ditched it immediately afterward. And that would be a reasonable assumption, lord knows I’ve done that more than once or twice myself with a flyer… but this book is cover priced at $4.95.  How wretched must a comic book be that someone would pay $5 for it and then immediately through it away a celebration of the media that is graphic storytelling. Pretty. Fucking. Bad.

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The Things I Do For Comics – Hello, I’m Johnny Cash

Did you see the film Walk the Line but walk away thinking that it wasn’t quite preachy enough? Well, this week your prayers will be answered by this little gem:

Johnny Cash Cover

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