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What We’re Hyped Up For At The New York Comic Con

Hey now Evil Nerd network, we’re almost there!  We’re finally within a week of the event we’ve been waiting months for, the New York Comic Con!  There’s going to be so much to see and do throughout the whole weekend: Panels! Screenings! Signings! The Ben Folds 5 show!  We’re in no way expecting a shortage of interesting sights and experiences, but of course there are going to be somethings that The Evil Geeks are looking forward to doing/seeing/buying next weekend.  To get us pumped ahead of our favorite con, we’ll let the Evil Geeks tell you exactly what they’ve got on their hit lists for this years show.  And don’t forget to keep your eye on this page in the coming days to learn how you can win some free Brotherhood of Evil Geeks swag if you’re attending the show!  It’s sure to be an EVIL contest!!!!  Without further ado, here’s what the Evil Geeks can’t wait for:

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