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Brovember 22 – Han Solo and Chewbacca

I am a little miffed that no one has chosen to talk about this epic bromance, but hey, that leaves it for your favorite female infiltrating the brotherhood. I guess we already spotlighted Harrison Ford in a different bromance, but I think we all wish we had a friendship as tight as Han and Chewie. These two get to ride around in the coolest piece of junk this side of the galaxy having a blast smuggling things behind the Empire’s back. Sounds a little Firefly doesn’t it? Well, obviously, Firefly stole this incredible idea and combination, since Star Wars is as classic as you come.


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Brovember Day 5 – Indiana Jones and Short Round

With the dawn of a new day comes a new installment of Brovember, and with a new installment of Brovember comes another legendary friendship. A friendship, in today’s case, between a grown ass College Professor/Adventurer/Obtainer of Rare Antiquities and a his Chinese orphan:

Indiana Jones and Short Round

Indiana Jones and Short Round 1

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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 24

Sadly, Chewbacca’s chances of making the Hall of Fame were ruined when he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Will this blasted spice epidemic see no end?!?!

I think today’s Novembeard honoree needs no introduction whatsoever, but just in case you’ve been hiding from awesome stuff our entire life, I’m going to give him one anyway.  Today we are inducting a true legend in the field of non-scalp based follicular cultivation into the hallowed halls of Novembeard rememberance.  The one, the only, CHEWBACCA!  What a Wookiee!

There’s nothing worse than a Wookie with split ends.

He’s pretty much what you’d get if the Wolfman and a can of Propecia had a baby.  This beard is so mighty , that it could not be contained to only a face.  Chewie’s a full on, top to bottom fuzz factory. Not simply content with covering his face with a bushy Fu Manchu style mustache, Chewie maintains a full body coat of thick, lustrous shag that would make any 1970’s era carpet super jealous.  Think about what he must spend in an average year on 50 gallon drums of Mane N’ Tail?  Do you suppose if you broke into his room at night, you’d find him covered head to toe in hot rollers?  Not to mention, he’s a smuggler on the go, so he’s maintaing that full body ‘do in the depths of space, where your nearest salon could be over 12 parsecs away.

Not only does it look good, it’s a very utilitarian, yet stylish, outfit for all occaisons.  Whether he’s winning a medal at a ceremony on Yavin IV for riding in the passenger seat while Han saved Luke’s ass in the trench on the Death Star, or roughing it in the freezing wasteland of Hoth, he just throws on a nice bandolier and BAM – he’s properly dressed.  If you shaved him, you could probably make a really awesome sweater out of all that wool, that’s why we’re dedicating this cold Novembeard day to the man in the mohair pajamas.

He actually just built that snowman so he could practice ripping the arms off of things.

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We may see Harrison Ford in the Falcon Again!

Hello Nerd Nation!

As I woke up early on this all very important of days in America, I did what any self-respecting geek would do….I trolled the internet for news, and boy do I have some for you!

Based on an exclusive report by EW, Harrison Ford has stated that since the Lucas/Disney shakeup that he may indeed be interested in reprising his role of Han Solo on the big screen one more time. It was all over the net last week that Georgie Boy met with Luke and Leia…er, uh, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer prior to the buyout and both were supportive and interested in the future of the films, which doesn’t really surprise me because these are the screen-roles that have defined both of these actors careers (notice I said screen roles! Not voice-over….Heath, Jack, and Caesar were great on screen, but Mark Hamill plays the best Joker of all time. If you would like to disagree, I will send The Joker to your house to kill you!:)

Maybe with a new movie this look will hit it big!

In an interview with EW, Mr. Ford has expressed interest in returning as the Corellian smuggler that we all know and love! Harrison went on to a huge film career after Star Wars which included roles in Blade Runner, Air Force One, Witness, The Fugitive, 6 Days and 7 Nights (JK!,) and of course those boring movies about Archeology! He had expressed in a 2010 ABC interview that he enjoyed all of those roles and really appreciated how they defined him as an actor, but always felt that Han was not interesting to him. In fact, early scripts of Jedi saw the death of Mr. Solo but Lucas changed his mind because he was so popular and a dead Han Solo did not sell action figures.

I think that its safe to speculate that the actor who is currently 70, would want an actual death of Han Solo in a future script simply so there is closure to the character. Although this is simply speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if he met a hero’s death à la Obi Wan half-way through the movie after he has acted like a self-serving and conceited smuggler for the first act of the film. Harrison is said to be very confident in the current leadership in charge of the franchise, but at the end of the day it will all depend on what the script looks like and who the director is.

Since Han will be in his 70’s, I hope that they make Chewy and old looking dog, just don’t give him a son that doesn’t want to grow up and be like dad. That sounds too much like Goof Troop!

Regardless of what will happen, it is exciting to think that the scruffy nerf-herder can return, and where there is Solo there is sure to be Chewbacca!
What do you think of this news? Make sure to post your comments!



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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