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Zombie Round Up: The Well

Greetings survivors of the Saviors, and welcome back to another Zombie Round Up as Lilith here gives you her take on this week’s TWD episode. I think all of us were still in a bit of a post-traumatic shock and funk, but this week’s episode knew just how to pivot to a separate story line and get us excited about the possibilities. Here’s my spoiler filled take on it.


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Zombie Round Up: The Same Boat

Another weekend, another adventure in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead. And unlike in the first half of the season where we spent several episodes wondering what had happened to certain characters or whether or not they were alive, this half hasn’t left us waiting very long for resolution. Last week we saw Maggie and Carol get kidnapped outside The Saviors’ facility, and this week we got to see what happened to them.


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Zombie Round-Up: Consumed

Hey geeks, I have insanely good news for you. You are going to be blessed with back to back Lilith Assisi articles today! Yes, I know that just made your day. And my first article is a review of this past weekend’s Walking Dead. I personally thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode Self Help, so figured it would be difficult for me to like this week’s episode as much as last week’s. Sadly my fears were confirmed. It was a decent episode, though certainly some things that irked me. Continue forward for my spoiler and rant filled review! You have to give me some leeway, I have after all never written a Zombie Round-Up before and being the zombie aficionado that I am I might have to go all out for this review.


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