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Horror of Horrors: The Great White Shark

Disclaimer: there are some graphic images in this post.


Hello my enslaved minions, I would expand and write a slobbering, groveling introduction as my fellow brotherhood geeks do so well but being Lilith I hardly think that will be necessary.  The Oedipus Complex I am sure I inspire in all of you demon children will keep you coming back for more, and I’ve got a good one to wet your appetite today. We demon-mothers pride ourselves on giving birth to wicked progeny that can spread chaos and violence throughout the worlds, and while I think I might have a one up on her, I have to hand it to Mother Earth for her deep sea-living youngsters. In the heat of the summer I am sure you weaklings are getting your fill of sun at the beach, but don’t get to far from shore, especially on Cape Cod, unless you would like to join the ranks of rotting amputees the Great White Shark has left floating on the surface.

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