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Free Comic Book Day 2015 Reviews – Part Two

Free Comic Book Day is right around the corner. With a staggering amount of releases and with some vanishing in practically no time we thought we’d give you the advanced scoop on what to grab and what to avoid. Yesterday Martian Luthor Kang checked in with his haul, today I’ll be reviewing what I was able to get my grubby little paws on.

FCBD Gamora 2

By clicking below you will acknowledge that you have entered spoiler territory.

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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Classic Rockman

I apologize for my absence from these hallowed halls of the Evil Geeks Art Gallery, I’ve been trotting the globe scouring for pieces from antiquity. Alas, no period in man’s history has produced works as astounding as these following examples, and I have as a result returned empty handed. I give you, the Art Gallery so far (in hyperlink form).

The Climatic Revelation Scene from The Empire Strikes Back

Hitler’s Comeuppance

A Boy Out of Time

Elektra’s Death at the Hands of Bullseye

The World’s Most Fearsome Fighting Team

A Force With Which To be Reckoned

Back on the Horse

Second Genesis

Dawn of Justice

I know what you’re thinking; “That about does it for art, civilization, you’ve gone and peaked”. Well think again, my friends. My appetite for beauty is positively insatiable and I have once more opened my billfold to commission a work of finest art from two modern masters. Truly, this generation has offered no purer talents than Biff Tannen and Arthur Harkness!

And SURELY their skills have never been put to a greater test than the awkward beauty of the Mega Man 2 cover art. One of the most playable videogames released for the NES (And that, sir, is saying something!), Mega Man 2 was an improvement in every way upon its predecessor. More bosses, longer gameplay, still challenging and yet not impossible. This game long stood as my favorite, and so this project was near and dear to my heart of hearts. And it was, indeed the first addition! Let me tell you the tale.


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Ducktales… Coming back to a console near you!

Good Morning Evil Geeks!


Yesterday at PAX East Capcom announced that it will be releasing a remastered edition of the ever popular NES game Ducktales! The game is a beautiful remake of the original with a few new features including a money bin that you can actually swim in. Fans of The Brotherhood know that we are all Ducktales fanatics and talked about it at length this winter in our now famous Last Exit to Duckburg podcast.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Mega Man 1: Let The Games Begin


Ah…Mega Man, who doesn’t love the blue bomber? One of the pillars of both Nintendo and Capcom. He’s one of the few characters that old school gamers have fond memories of but was also able to make his way into the modern age. I was shocked when I found out Mega Man had a comic book and even more shocked that Archie company put it out. I’ll confess, I have never read an Archie comic book or anything released by their company in my entire life. As soon as I saw what it looked like, I had to get it.

What should a Mega Man comic look like? I’m not sure how to explain it, but it looks exactly how a Mega Man comic should look. It’s video game graphics, combined with the Mega Man cartoon from the 90’s and a little manga tossed in for good measure. Generally, I’m not a fan of comics whose art work is on the cartoonish side but for this it fits the tone of the book perfectly. It’s a light, fun all ages comic where the dialogue is kept to a minimum and the art is pushed out front. Many of the pages end up being huge panels by artist Patrick Spaziante. The book’s writing duties are helmed by (Sonic The Hedgehog comic alum) Ian Flynn and debuted in 2011.


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