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Ep 184 – Bruce Zick Re-Returns to Talk Terminal Point

Welcome back, Evil Geeks! Today, Bruce Zick returns to the Evil Lair for a third time to talk his comic Terminal Point with Undies of Wondy and C-Mart. Be sure to check out Bruce’s book today!

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Let’s Get It Kickstarted: The Zone Continuum


ritual promo Good morning, Evil Geeks!!! All too often, we use our Evil powers for personal gain or some good old fashioned, senseless, destruction. Let’s ignore those evil impulses for once and let’s use our power to help get something CREATED for a change.  Since we’re so passionate about comics, why not get a comic book passion project launched?!?!?  Today we’re going to be talking The Zone Continuum by Bruce Zick. With our help, we can help get the latest incarnation of Bruce’s project off the ground and right into our comic loving hearts!

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