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Evil Geeks Disassembled: Grrrr Argh! – Ep 1: Learning from the Master with Mark Metcalf


Welcome to the very first episode of’s newest podcast: Grrrr Argh! where we talk all things Whedon (but mostly Buffy)! We set the bar high as far as guests in this premiere episode, as The Master himself, Mark Metcalf, joins Undies of Wondy and C-Mart to talk his time terrorizing Sunnydale, as well as his role in the comedy classic, Animal House and his character The Maestro on Seinfeld!

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TV From The Crypts: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 4

buffseason4Welcome back Whedonites. Lilith here to rehash season 4 of our favorite vampire-laden TV show Buffy. Get ready for some deviations from the usual with the Scooby Gang; this season brought with it some heavy topics, full of love, science, slaying, studying and sex. Yup, Buffy and her friends are off to college this season. Spoilers to follow as I review this monumental season of Buffy.

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: We Need More Buffy The Vampire Slayers

Warning folks, Lilith is back today with a rant-filled post for you, something I have been thinking about a lot lately. There has been an upswing in posts about feminism out there, and you all know that I am a fan of a strong female character. So rewatching Buffy The Vampire Slayer for TV From The Crypts has led me to an epic conclusion: we need more Buffys. Buffy Summers is one of the most ass-kicking, strong female characters out there that shames many of our present girly lead roles. Continue on for all my personal beliefs as to why I wish there were more Buffy The Vampire Slayers out there.

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Willow Rosenberg

Happy Sunday Evil Geeks! Our Women’s History Month Warriors feature has given us the opportunity to talk about some very powerful ladies.  However today’s honoree ranks right up there with the heaviest of heavy hitters.  When she’s not pulling down straight A’s in school, she’s facing off against vampires, demons, and monsters of all sorts.  I first wrote about Willow Rosenberg way back in our Top 5 Geek Crushes article waaaay back when, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to talk about my Geek crush who could actually crush me with a flick of her wrist.

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Buffy Summers

We know you all love our month long adventures, after all Brovember and Novembeard were huge hits. So I am happy to tell you that March is going to be another of your favorite months this year! March is Women’s History Month, and this month we geeks are going to do our best to bring you a daily female spotlight. Heroines and villains alike, it’s all about strong women characters this month. A month dedicated to our favorite ballbusters and femme fatales, what’s not to love?


I probably have to give credit to Joss Whedon for a lot of women we will talk about this month, but I am going to start with a real ass-kicker: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know my faithful followers know that I have been reliving this phenomenal show recently, and I think our main character from this show is the perfect woman to spotlight as our first woman warrior this month.

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TV From The Crypts: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 2


Morning Evil Geeks! Feeling down, lonely, and maybe even have some cabin fever if you are snowed in up in the Northeast? Come to sunny California! Can’t make the move? Why not indulge in the guilty pleasure that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, taking place in Sunnydale, California, where all the fun seems to happen. I’ve already brought you the wonders of Season 1, reminiscing my high school days as I relished in the colorful, oversized outfits of the 90’s and the developing love between Buffy and Angel. I’ve since moved on to Season 2 and am pleased to report that it was even better than I remembered. Sure, Season 1 had some corny moments, like Xander and friends being turned in to human-hyenas, but Season 2 was just stellar. Less teenage drama, more action, and lots of Angel-Buffy moments. Be forewarned, spoilers to follow!

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