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Villain Spotlight: Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Greeting and Salutations all those in the geekdom! Welcome back once again to another dose of pure, unadulterated villainy. To be completely honest with you all, I was highly debating on whether or not to make the spotlight about myself this week, purely based upon a drawing done by one Martian Luthor Kang 117th. I unfortunately decided against it, mainly because I do not think the world could handle that much meta in a single article, and also I don’t seem to have that high a level of hubris….not yet at least. Trust me though, when I say I was basing it purely on that portrait, it must be something amazing, and amazing it is. It will be unleashed in due time, but now is not the time. Although I know you all want the spotlight on me (and I do blush) I must bring it over to one of my favorite villains. Encountering him not too long ago, but long enough that he may have been swept under most radars, I immediately hated this man, and by hate I mean love. Ladies and gentlemen, mercs and space pirates, I bring to you….Jean-Baptiste…Emanuel….Zorg!!


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