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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Ash vs. Evil Dead

img_1442Anyone who is thinking about making a sequel (or reboot) to an old movie or TV show, I have 4 words for you……..Ash vs. Evil Dead. This was my thought at the end of the first season. This show gave me everything that made me love the originals, but packaged with an ongoing story format that the movies did not have. Bruce Campbell’s return as Ash 30 years later is fantastic. Ash’s new friends, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago), are a great addition. If it is true that that audience should be left wanting more, than Ash vs Evil Dead delivered on all fronts.

Season 2 Episode 1 has now aired and there is no way of denying, this show is still awesome. The laughs, the scares, the blood: all there in abundance. The folks working on this show know their stuff. They have continued to deliver all of the things that the fans love about the original films, while continuing to to add new themes and story to keep the interest.

Again, to anyone who is looking to revive an old movie or TV franchise, take a look. Bruce Campbell and company have figured out how to do this right. If you are a fan of the Evil Dead movies, this is a must see!

-The Fassassin

What They Should Have Done: Congo

congo title

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another round of Arthur ruins/makes shitty movies better in the column that is sweeping the nation and invading your brains. I was recently speaking to a buddy of mine concerning this movie, and although I feel that it is a perfect masterpiece of the dramatic persuasion, some people feel that it is simply horrible and ridiculous. Shame on those of you in agreement with that statement, as this movie is a classic example of how to properly use Tim Curry and gorillas on the same roll of film. I scratched my brain though, for the sake of writing and comedy, and rewatched a couple scenes of this piece, and found that one in particular stood out to me. It wasn’t too important at first look, but after noticing a few things, I came to the conclusion that nearly everything could have been stopped and avoided by the intervention of just one man…..and that man’s name is Arthur Harkness.


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