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The Things I Do For Comics – Deathstroke (2014) #3

I know, I know… I’ve been slacking in my issue by issue coverage of the monthly Deathstroke series. But can you blame me? To ask why I’m not excited to read the latest issue of this book when it hits the stands is to say “Why the long face?” to someone standing over a freshly dug grave.

deathstroke 3 cover

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Archers Quest: City of Heroes & Identity

Hey There Evil Geeks!


Big Evil here, and I will be spilling all the news on everyone’s favorite Emerald Archer this season, but as you can see I’m a little late. With all the hub-bub of NYCC and the much needed recovery time, I was unable to get to Starling City for the premiere, but I promise you that you’ll start to see these reviews much more regualr moving forward. So what makes me qualified you may ask? Well, I’ve been reading Green Arrow almost as long as I’ve read Batman and have followed Mr. Queen into battle for years now, so the idea that there’s a TV show about him (that is really friggin’ awesome) simply brings a smile to my face. The creators have managed to use Ollie’s rich history but update it for the modern era and work alongside with DC Comics in their current iteration of the character to really make a cohesive story… So, here we go.

Episode 1: City of Heroes

This episode picks up from the finale from last season where Starling City was ravaged by the destruction of The Glades. Malcolm Merlin was outed as the architect behind the plan, but Ollie’s mother did so by sacrificing herself and Tommy Merlin was killed trying to save Laurel. All in all, Oliver was a beaten man, her returned to the city and couldn’t save it and his “list” didn’t exact justice the way that he hoped. We open with a helicopter going towards the island that Ollie was stranded on for all those years. While the public face of Oliver Queen went traveling around Europe, the real man retreated to the only place that made sense to him. Diggle and Felicity have come bring him back; his mother is in prison and ready for trial, Thea is lost and needs him, and the company has a hostile takeover on the rise and they convince him that Oliver Queen needs to return to Starling City. Upon his return we find the Thea has taken over the club and she is still with Roy. Roy regularly runs around the streets trying to fill the hole of the vigilante along with other copycat “Hoods” that Digg describes as not having the honor or restraint that Ollie had.
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