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Evil Geek Book Report – The Deadtown Series

Have you figured out that Lilith has got a lot of time on her hands yet? Yup, recovering from surgery means I have a lot of extra time to watch incredible movies and TV shows, read wonderful novels, and write to all you slobbering geek fans. It’s the way the world would be in a different time and a different place. So in less than a week since my last suggestion to you, today I bring you an evil book review that I have very much come to enjoy and hope you will too. The Deadtown series by Nancy Holzner, featuring Victory Vaughan, are a kick-ass way to spend your down time, especially if you are looking for a strong female role model to whip some serious supernatural butt. Unlike last week’s post, I will warn you that this week’s post will have some spoilers. Continue on at your own risk!


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The Con is ON! The Boston Comic Con That Is…

Hey there Evil Geeks!  After the tragedy at the Boston Marathon back in April, you may recall that the Boston Comic Con was scheduled for the same week.  At the time, the manhunt was still on for the suspects and understandably the con had to be canceled.  We recorded a special podcast back at the time to talk about all of the craziness going on at that week, which was a rare moment of seriousness for the Evil Geeks.  Turning to the bright side of things with the horror of that event finally behind us and the surviving culprit in prison, the show can finally go on.  This Saturday and Sunday the Boston Comic Con returns and along with it, so too shall the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks! To celebrate the event, we’re giving away a SWEET PRIZE but since we’re Evil, we’re going to make you work for it!  What can we say? Getting people to do our bidding really does it for us.

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(NOT THE) Boston Comic Con (GET TOGETHER) At Comicazi

*Hey there, gang! While the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks were, owing to the unfortunate events in Boston over the course of last week, unable to attend the Boston Comic Con, our vigilant friend Rex Mason wouldn’t take no for an answer and made the best of a bad situation*

comicazi flyer

After the tragic and wild events that shook the city of Boston earlier this week, the Boston Comic Con, that was originally dated for April 20th, was rightfully postponed until the city of Boston was deemed no longer in a state of emergency. What was a weekend originally intended for lighthearted fun celebrating our four-colored friends seemed to be put to an end.

Thankfully Boston has one of the best and brightest communities when it comes to artists and great comic stores. Local stores all over the wide city of Boston raised up to the occasion and gave back to the people of their fair city, participating in an unconventional convention weekend.

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Ep 018 – The Boston Comic Con Special


Hi Evil Geeks. Tonight Big Evil and C-Mart got together to quickly discuss the situation happening in Boston this week, the cancellation of the Boston Comic Con and also plugged the Not-The-Boston-Comic-Con Get-Together that is happening on Saturday, April 20th from 11-4 in Somerville, MA. The geeks just wanted to share their thoughts with you on this intense week. It’s pretty short, maybe a half an hour, so take a moment and listen to our Boston Comic Con Special episode and try to get out to Somerville… Thanks!

Go ahead and Attend the Somerville Not-a-Con if you can to support all those vendors that made the trek out.

Go ahead and Attend the Somerville Not-a-Con if you can to support all those vendors that made the trek out.

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