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Meet the Vault Hunters!!: Or How I lost 150 Hours Of My Life Part 2

Welcome back faithful readers! As promised, here is part 2 of my time with Borderlands 2. Enjoy!

So last time we met, I introduced my dear readers to the new Vault Hunters who arrived on Pandora looking for riches and glory. Today, we will take a look at our original Vault Hunters, because how can we look to the future when we don’t appreciate the past? Our original crew closely followed the parameters of the newest crew, or should I say the new crew followed the old crew? Regardless, our original Hunters proved to be just as endearing as our new ones. Let’s take a look shall we?

Roland the Soldier:


A stout soldier and always prepared to head into the front lines regardless of the dangers ahead. He is the defacto leader and decision maker of the original 4 Hunters. Calm, cool and collected, Roland brings a no nonsense approach to keeping everyone alive and making sure Santuary is safe. Taking the role of, for lack of a better term, mother hen, he makes sure the people of Sanctuary are defended and feel safe inside the confines of the makeshift city. With turret in hand and a multitude of firearms to get the job done, Roland is the definition of a proper soldier.

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Meet the Vault Hunters!!: Or How I Lost 150 Hours Of My Life Part 1

I love loot. Seriously. Almost as much as I love getting XP. There is rarely a feeling as good as seeing that xp bar go up and up and up until finally spilling over and granting you that new number. A number that essentially means nothing and everything all at once. It’s a testament to my constant need of virtual progression and accomplishment. Rarely do i get the same delight in the real world….customer service does not come with XP. I love Borderlands 2 even more than I loved the first one. The new characters, the old characters, the guns, the bandits, Nine-Toes, and the classes. AAAh the classes. It’s what makes or breaks a game like this. Shitty balance and lack of progress/power ups can really dull a game and make it unplayable (I’m looking at you Rogues). However, Gearbox has done a fine job of making sure everything feels good and every class feels like a murder machine. Which brings us to the point of this discussion…THE CLASSES!!! We have 4 (5 with the dlc) new classes to mess around with. I will go into detail on each one (minus the Mechromancer as I have not played as her), and as a bonus provide a track that I think fits well with each character. I will also be including the original Vault Hunters as they are very important to the narrative…and because Brick is the freaking man. So let’s get to it…

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The Evil Geeks Must DIE!!!

Heh heh heh… that’ll teach him not to bad mouth Moon Knight.

Hey there loyal, yet still evil, Geeks. Has something one of us wrote really ticked you off? Did one of us put out an article that you just REALLY hated? Well how’d you like to get an opportunity to take a shot at us? Lately I’ve been hitting the Halo Multiplayer pretty hard, so if you’re looking to game with an Evil Geek or just try to take me out for the hell of it, now you’ve got your opportunity. Hit me up on XBox Live at C Mart0979 or on PSN at CMart0979. These days I’m mainly on the XBox, but I’m going to be picking up Call of Duty Black Ops 2 soon for PS3 and then I’ll be back on their network. Right now I’m playing Big Team Slayer on Halo 4 pretty much whenever I’m playing video games, but I’m open to other games too. During the week I’m usually on between 5pm and 7pm E.S.T. and sometimes from about 10pm to midnight. On the weekends though I’m usually playing late night on Friday and Saturdays anywhere between 9pm and 4am E.S.T. I’m occasionally on in the afternoons on the weekends too. With Thanksgiving coming up this week, I’ll be off of work for a few days, so starting Wednesday and going through Sunday, I’ll be on sporadically throughout the day, but most likely I should be around late nights. So step right up and get in line, I’m expecting to get a good run for my money from all you Evil Geeks out there, so don’t let me down.

I’m not the only Evil Geek getting in on the online gaming, here’s Martian Luthor Kang to let you know what he’s playing and when he’ll be playing it.

Greetings. I’m a Sony fella, and I operate under the nom de guerre “atomicdonkey”. I tend to be online in the very early morning (1:00-4:00 AM) and early afternoon (12:00-3:00); I’ve got an odd work schedule, and as a result I’ve got an odd sleep and video game schedule. Lately I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 and other than that mostly older stuff. But compare trophies and send me an invite. Also, I’m very open to recommendations of new games.

Arthur Here—I figured I would throw my hat into here as well, as I do quite a bit of gaming myself. Grew up on platformers and rpg’s, so most likely you’ll find me playing some version of that. I do sporadic replays of games, and still play ps1 games haha. No way I’m not playing Symphony of The Night every Halloween. I’m also into Borderlands and Gears of War, so if you ever want to throw down, hit me up! Gamertag is SoreBackDoor. I also have steam as well under the same name, and love playing Torchlight 1+2 with everyone. Throw Down!

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