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Arthur Harkness Presents: Bo Burnham’s What

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Guys……I’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time. Welcome ladies and gents to a very special and very handsome post by yours truly. Stand up comedy has been something of wild beast to me in my years. When I was a kid, I strayed in and out of stand up mainly because I was a kid and didn’t know any better,  but it blossomed into a full on romance as I got older. I won’t even name names to be honest, because that would be taking away from the focus of this article, but we’ll say that I have a pretty broad base of stand up preferences. A few years ago, 4 I believe, I was up late on a Friday, and they were playing the repeat of the Bo Burnham Comedy Central Presents special, and I decided to catch it, merely for the sake of nothing else being on. That was the beginning of an awkward love affair between Bo and I, one which I am sure he is unaware of.

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