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Evil Geek Book Report – All New X-Men #1

Like most comic book fans my age, the X-Men were my favorites as a kid. Sure, the Fantastic Four were my first love, but in the late 80s and early 90s the X-Men books were so much fun that no child could resist.  And I know he’s not the most popular character, but I liked Cyclops. And it wasn’t too hard to like Cyclops, he was a bit of a wet towel for Wolverine’s tastes, but that was okay in my eyes.

Ever since I first saw “Pryde of the X-Men”, I’ve annoyed my friends by reading Wolverine’s dialogue aloud with an Australian accent. Try it! It’s fun!

But in recent years, it’s been very hard to like Cyclops.  Grant Morrison had him cheat on Jean with Emma Frost. I actually liked that, the reasoning behind it made sense to me: It’s very hard to relate to a wife that’s the embodiment of a cosmic deity, so he strayed. But other writers decided that a man who could fall out of love with a woman must also be the kind of man who could sanction murder and wage war on a species.  So, after the events of Second Coming, Schism, and AvX we were left with a Cyclops who was barely recognizable as Slim Summers, the student of Charles Xavier.

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The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Top Five Thunderdome Throwdown

Three Evil Geeks enter!!! Then three leave again when we’re done… Sorry, we’re more of the cartoonish evil types, not really the blood-thirsty evil types.  Think Cobra Commander, not Carnage.

Happy October to all Brothers and Sisters in Evil Geekland!  We’re popping in today to bring you the first edition of our new monthly feature: The Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown!!!  Every month each of our contributors will bring you their top 5 favorites in any random category.  It could be our 5 favorite crappy comic movies, 5 favorite action figures, 5 favorite NES games, or pretty much anything else that pops into our Evil minds.  We’re even open for suggestions, so if you’ve got a top five you’d like to see, then let us know in the Comments section.  We’d love to hear your opinions too, so let us know your top five choices for this month in the comments as well!

Since October is clearly our favorite month, as it contains Halloween which is the most evil and geeky of all the holidays, we thought we’d start off by having the Evil Geeks list off their top favorite villains from any genre.  Any person/place/thing that has done some pretty raw stuff to another person/place/thing ever in any medium is up for grabs in this Big Bad Free-For-All!  Ready for our first Evil list down?!  Here we go!

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