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Ep 138 – Hellfire Book Club Chapter 2 – E is for Excitement!

Join us once more in the hallowed halls of the Hellfire Book Club as we discuss the ins and outs of the X-Men. This time around Kang and Biff are joined once more by Rex Mason and Dutch Essex as well as newcomer Nick Nack Tabasco. The topic at hand? A fine question indeed! Tonight we discuss Grant Morrison’s early work on the New X-Men series. Enjoy!

Hellfire Cover 2

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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – All New, All Different

As we once more stroll through the hallowed halls of the Evil Geeks Art Gallery, I would like to remind you of the importance of the classics. Sure, many of the subjects we’ve studied in the past have been from the Post-Post-Modern era of pop culture art, or POPOMOPOP, as we call it in the industry, but our artists’ styles have been undoubtedly shaped by the classics. Perhaps my personal favorite comic book cover of all time, today’s featured painting is undeniably a classic.

photo 3

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: The Minotaur

Welcome back you fiendish monster-loving fans, this weekend our creature feature comes as a special request for our buddy Biff. Of course he chose quite a legend for us to go over this weekend: The Minotaur. While some of the Greek mythological beasts we might talk about in this column are more extraneous, this monster is probably well known by those who have no familiarity with mythology in general. This creature has the head of a bull and the body of a man. It is most famously known for wandering the mazes of a great Labyrinth, and typically not something you wanted to come across while navigating said maze. Let’s see what I could dig up on this iconic creature for this week’s post.


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Comic Book Panel of the Day 6/27/13

Hey Evil Geeks!

Today’s Panel of the Day comes from Uncanny Avengers #9 and stars the broken up bromance of Hank McCoy and Simon Williams, better known to us mere mortals as Beast and Wonder Man. Take a look see…

Beast and Wondie

All I gotta say is “Oh, no you didn’t!”
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Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #5


If you’re into redheads, you need to pick up this issue for the cover alone!

The Story So Far!
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

So… it seems like this issue wraps up the first storyline of this book. And while it was mostly setup for future storylines, and totally the kind of story that could have very comfortably been done in one issue, I still enjoyed it and I’m interested to see where it will go from here. However, this is the issue that might upset some people… one of the X-Men undergoes a change that we’re told will be permanent… Thankfully, it’s the one that’s been through this kind of thing about fifteen times before.

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Evil Geek Book Report – All-New X-Men #2

Hey, remember how I said I would continue picking up All-New X-Men? Well, despite all evil appearances, I’m a man of my word.

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