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Top Ten Uncanny X-Men Covers: Vol. 1 (Claremont Era)

Recently my Brother-In-Arms Biff Tannen compiled a list of his favorite Daredevil covers. It just so happened that they were some of mine, as well. As much as I liked the artistic works of Messrs Miller, Mazzucchelli, Colan, Buckler,and Romita I was equally taken with the concept of the article. I resolved to steal it.

I’ve decided to tackle the series on with I cut my teeth as a comic book fan: The Uncanny X-Men. Since that particular series ran for over 500 issues, I’ve narrowed the field of candidates down to the issues written by Chris Claremont. Still, it’s a very long run of books with some gorgeous covers to choose from. I hope my selections don’t disappoint.


Nothing says “Claremont” like the X-Men playing softball.

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