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Cover Of The Day 11/28/14

Uncanny X-Men 253

X-Men AGAIN? They certainly have been highlighted by me far more than any other comic in our Cover Of The Day feature. Not only is it the title I know the best, they also have a rich history of artists that worked on it throughout it’s lifespan. By 1989 Chris Claremont’s X-Men had been through the ringer. Having been sucked through the Siege Perilous a few issues prior the entire team had been spit out in different locations across the world and were left at a crossroads trying to find a way back to one another. Marc Silvestri’s cover for #253 perfectly illustrates that separation and the different factions of characters. I love how it’s designed in a way that it pays homage to the old painted movie posters of yesteryear. Jim Lee would very soon become the name more closely associated with this time period of Uncanny X-Men artists, but Silverstri’s work on the title speaks for itself.

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Evil Geek Book Report – X-Men: Deadly Genesis

Awhile back, Martian Luthor Kang did an article about generally great writers who for whatever reason couldn’t hack it on X-Men titles. His inclusion of Brubaker piqued my interest and after reading many other reviews on his tenure with Marvel’s merry mutants I found that most people agreed with him. Generally speaking it seems this period is thought of with indifference or disgust. I haven’t read ALL of it yet, but with Marvel currently being in the midst of their far reaching Original Sin storyline I figured I’d go back and visit an earlier one by starting with the Deadly Genesis miniseries.


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