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Evil Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Hello Evil Geeks! It’s your friendly neighborhood Undiesofwondy here with a new review. It’s been a while, but sometimes, movies are so amazing that they practically compel you to write something about them. (Occasionally, they’re so terrible that they compel a review too, but this is definitely not the case for this movie.)

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Ep 219 – Looking Back on 2018 w/ Big Evil & C-Mart



Evil Greetings, Seasons Geeks! Or something like that…. Anyway, we went ahead and got you a little gift this year. Spoilers: it’s a podcast! Today, the founders of House Evil Geeks, Big Evil and C-Mart, are here to talk Aquaman as well as take a look back at the year in Geekery that was 2018. Take a listen while you’re basking in the afterglow of a Christmas morning present opening binge!

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