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Evil Movie Review: Maggie

From blockbuster disaster to horribly depressing, I am not on a roll when it comes to movies these days. After watching all the Terminator movies I had developed a healthy respect for Arnold, so when I heard he just came out with a ZOMBIE movie I was all about it. Maggie is the story of Arnold and his teenage daughter dealing with a bite from a zombie and the gradual transition to zombiehood.


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Evil Movie Review: Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines

This lady is slowly chugging her way through the Terminator movies. Two more to go after this one. And today I want to give you my take on movie #3. Let’s just say I find it hard to believe it can get worse than this.


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Evil Movie Review: The Terminator and Terminator 2 – Judgement Day

I think I was somehow accidentally transported to the 1980’s, since I have been catching up on some old classics like the original Star Trek series, and now here I find myself having finally (yes, as a 32 year old), finally watching the first two Terminator films. I won’t say it was by my choice, but I figured it was time to get up to speed on this series, seeing as how the upcoming film this summer stars Emilia Clarke and Matt Smith. I might as well understand all the background, and see what the Arnold hub-bub is all about. So here is my review of these first two films, with of course my feminine judgment and perspective.


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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Jingle All The Way

jingle arnold

Hold up. Now before any of you start to give me shit for this, you need to understand that whatever negative opinion you have concerning this movie is completely and absolutely wrong, and this movie could easily be one of the greatest Christmas films ever to grace a silver screen. Trust me on this one, as I will tell you why this needs to be viewed and included in your yearly holiday traditions. For reals. Now strap in, turn on your JetPack, and give Sinbad the middle finger because this one is going to be all cheery and shit.

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