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Biff’s Picks Volume 3

People have been recommending this one to me since the moment I picked up a comic book again. Boy, was I happy they did. I bought it immediately but it sat in a stack of other comics for months until last week. As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t stop reading it.


The Ultimates was written by Mark Millar, who I had a decent first encounter with and drawn by Bryan Hitch. We are focusing on Volume 1 which ran for 13 issues between 2002-2004. It was released as part of the Ultimate Universe which is an alternate and revamped Marvel Universe where the Ultimates basically fill the role of The Avengers. This generally serves as a great jumping on point to people who don’t want to sift through decades of storylines, retconns and an open Wikipedia page to get through an issue in the regular Marvel U. It’s fresh, it’s clean and uncluttered and it was perfect for me.

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IT’S OFFICIAL…we’ve got ourselves an ANT-MAN!

Greetings Nerds!

Straight off the interwebs is news that Disney & Marvel have finally given us a release date for the much anticipated Ant-Man feature film from geeky director Edgar Wright. Mr. Wright was the director of Tv seried Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and the über-fun Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (which he also produced!) Edgar has been trying to give us an Ant-Man movie for years and even went as far to show some footage of what it could be at San Diego Comic Con this past summer!

We got ourselves an Ant-Man!

Well the wait is over, Marvel’s Ant-Man is scheduled to be released on November 25th, 2015, just 3 short months after Avengers 2 is supposed to hit! This news makes me so excited as I’ve been a big fan of this little guy for quite awhile. Hank Pym was originally a founding member of The Avengers and is a very complex character who has gone through a ton of different identities and costumes. The other reason that I’m super excited is because where there is an Ant-Man, usually there is a Wasp somewhere close!

Thank You Edgar Wright for being diligent!
I know you wont let us down!

I wont lie, I was hoping that the cut seen at the end of the Avengers movie would have been something to do with Pym and was kinda let down when I saw Thanos (I know, I know…what can I say, I like Ant-Man!) I was also hoping if the movie was made that it would hit before Avengers 2 simply so Pym got some legit screen time in that movie, but my prediction is that they go to Scientist Henry Pym for help and by the end of the movie he has to step up to the plate!

Ant-Man…..Soon to be coming to a theater near you!

So now comes the fun part. who will play him? A lot of people are speculating Nathan Fillion, which I am totally down with, but we will have to see. I wonder who they’ll tap for The Wasp?
What do you think? Leave us some comments and start guessing!

This could be a match made in Serenity….er, uh Heaven!
Come on Marvel/Disney…do it for the fans, plus you’ll make bank, guaranteed!

OK, thats all for now. Check in with us all week long for our unload of all things New York Comic Con and make sure to check out our Top 5 Cosplayers later in the week!
Later Nerds

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