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Arthur’s Hammer Smashed Faces: Amon Amarth

amarth 1

May the call of battle never cease to bring you forward unto glory. I just made that shit up guys, off the fly and it may be your new morning mantra. Welcome back everyone to the second edition of the newest way to smash in your own face. I, as always, am Arthur Harkness and I am proud to bring to you another moment in my never ending war against the radio proper. Most people know that I simply cannot handle what the radio tends to throw at us on a daily basis, which is the same four to five songs on the hour every hour. It honestly makes me want to cut out my own eyes and jam spikes into my ears. I know that may sound a bit harsh, but honestly, I cannot think of any other solution besides not listening to it at all, which is even more difficult considering it permeates most of life nowadays. It just drives me crazy that most things that are out there nowadays is hot water trash produced by garbage people. Sorry if that offends you, but its true. I can deal with classic rock, but why do we have to play Freedbird a hundred times a day?

There is a bevy of different bands out there and we stick to the same few over and over. It’s rather unfortunate. So it is my new civic duty and my way to give back to the community by attempting to bring some new stuff to your ears. I did it last week with Battlecross, and although these guys have been around for a while, I would like to give them a more proper introduction. Shield Maidens and Vikings, I give to you one of my all time favorites, Amon Amarth, and the reason why I do not fear driving in wintry conditions anymore…..for the most part. Now obviously you guys know already that this is going to involve my metalro life mate in Piano Wire Freddy, so you better get used to the mention of him as I do not go to metal shows without him, and considering our greatest metal adventure involved Amon Amarth and a blizzard, it would be in poor form not to include him. So let’s do this…

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