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What Do You Want for Geeks-Mas?

Hey there evil doers, it’s your newest resident evil geek with a hero complex! I’m sure you’ve all been wondering exactly what it is that you can get this stranger that none of you have ever heard of before, so here I am here to set your minds at ease!

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Amigos on Trial

Three Men, One Horse

Recently, I wrote an article on the film ¡Three Amigos! as part of our month-long Brovember celebration. In case it was not made obvious throughout the course of that article, I am a big fan. I don’t think I personally know anyone who dislikes the movie, and I began to wonder if any such person exists under the sun. I started searching the negative reviews on and, while almost all of them complained of technical issues with either the VHS tracking or the DVD transfer, there were a few assholes who actually didn’t like this movie!  And here, for your viewing pleasure, are those reviews.

Three Amigos Negative Reviews
(Which, by the way, are the property of and will naturally be removed immediately at their request)

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