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Pulp Corner: Top Ten Film Noir Movie Posters

Film noir has always been a world unto itself, a dark shadowy world full of cigarette smoke, booze and femme fatales. Its posters are no different. Unfortunately for us, hand drawn and painted movie posters are all but a lost art. It’s amazing the time and care that use to go into producing them. Each movie studio had their own distinct style when it came to advertising their films, which I hope comes across here.  I’ve attempted to round up 10 of the best and most visually appealing along with my personal favorites. It wasn’t easy to narrow down and a lot ended up being left on the cutting room floor. Which opens up room for a sequel post….

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Without further adieu:

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Pulp Corner: The Big Combo

Big combo poster

I’ve been dying to watch some kind of prototypical by the numbers detective noir. The other night I was lucky enough to stumble on ‘The Big Combo’. With a title so ultra noir, I knew I was in for something good.

The movie carries just about every noir staple you could possibly ask for. The flawed detective that won’t give up the case, a Mafioso like gangster calling the shots who is pure evil and dressed magnificently, crackling dialogue and almost perpetual darkness and fog…God is there fog.

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