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Zombie Round Up: East

To be honest, I’m not quite sure where to start this week. I’m just way too excited and scared and nervous and amped up about next week’s season finale, so it might be hard to review what little we might be predicting based on this week’s assessment.


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Zombie Round Up: No Tomorrow Yet

A whole lots of action this week, and not always from who you expected. Rick’s team ventures in to the unknown as they tackle Negan’s crew at their hold up near Hilltop. A battle like this means lots of blood and likely lives. Here’s my review of this week’s TWD.


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Zombie Round Up: Knots Untie

Another week in post-apocalyptic paradise, still riding on the bliss of a superb hook up from last week. This week’s episode of TWD features several more romantic moments, as well as a whole new world outside the walls of Alexandria. Will the identity of Negan be revealed? Read on for my review and the answer in this week’s Zombie Round Up.


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Zombie Round Up: The Next World

I was still reeling from the previous week’s episode and could not WAIT to see what was in store for Alexandria after that epic zombie slaughter fest. This week’s episode probably had a lot of pressure to perform following that masterpiece, and while there was a lot less zombie killing, it did not disappoint. Here’s Lilith’s highly anticipated weekly review of the continued trials and tribulations for the survivors of Alexandria.


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Zombie Round Up: Heads Up

And just like that TWD has everyone hooked again. This past week’s episode was so darn packed featuring almost all of our beloved old timers, leaving most of us on the edge of our seats for the mid season finale, which is sure to evok some tears. Here’s my spoiler filled review of last Sunday’s episode, just in time for what is sure to be tonight’s mind blowing mid season finale.


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Zombie Round Up: Here Is Not Here and Now

Lilith has been off causing all sorts of mayhem and hasn’t been able to write a review on all things TWD for a couple weeks, which means today you get two reviews for the price of one! I mean, I can’t just ignore what happened to Morgan in the past week’s episode even if some of you want me to. Today I want to reflect on the last two weeks’ episodes of the best zombie show on TV.


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