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NYCC 2014 Saturday After Party Pics!!!

Hey Nerds!

We told you there’d be more pics and we meant it!!! On Saturday night the Evil Geeks checked out Adult Swim’s Tyrannic Cruise on the Hudson and then shot over to Slate for Sonic Boombox’s 2nd night of partying and gaming!

Make sure you check out our Friday After Party Gallery and our Galleries from the show floor here, here, and here!

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NYCC 2014 Friday After Party Pics!

Hey Geeks

The fun doesn’t stop on the show floor at NYCC, the night life, AKA Nerd Vegas is just as fun at the convention and with Super Week it’s in full swing this year. Last night we checked out Sonic Boom Box’s Loot Crate party and had a blast!
Click here for Saturday’s after party pics and check out our NYCC Friday Gallery here!

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NYCC 2013: The Pics – After Hours Parties!!!

Happy Monday Nerds!

Sniff…Sniff…NYCC 2013 is over :(, but on the up-side we did have a great time! Last week we mentioned that NYCC is code for Nerd Vegas and that the Late Night events are just as important as the show itself!

This year we checked out Fatman on Batman with Kevin Smith and the guys from Comic Book Men, Image Comics’ After Party, Legendary Films’ Meetup, Rock ComicCon, and Yaya Han’s Cosplay After Party! (Which was an absolute blast!!!) Here’s a Gallery of some of our Late-Night adventures…Make sure to check this stuff out next year!!!

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NYCC 2013 After Party Survival Guide aka Your Guidebook to NERD VEGAS!

Whats Up Nerds!

Get Down with these bad Geeks!

Get Down with these bad Geeks!

So if you are traveling to the Big City of New York this weekend for your annual pilgrimage to the New York Comic Con make sure that you take heed to the call of the Big Apple. After all, NYC is the city that never sleeps and you better beleive that it rages on NYCC Weekend!!! Simply put, in my brain NYCC is code for NERD VEGAS. All day long you’ll walk the convention floor, but at night you can see all sorts of different things that just enhance your experience. Here you will find a guide to all, OK not all, but Most things going on this weekend in NYC!!!


Mootcon 2
Thursday, October 10 – 6:30pm
The Australian NYC
20 West 38 Street (between 5th and 6th Ave)
Get More info Here

Kick off NYCC with fans of Game of Thrones for Fire and Lunch’s 2nd Annual MootCon where they’ll be raffling off a bunch of honorable prizes that Ned Stark would be proud of!

Thursday October 10, 2013 – 8:00 p.m.
Houndstooth Pub (street level)
520 8th Avenue New York, NY 10018
Click for more Info

Join the folks from The Mary Sue for their annual NYCC get together. Sit back and relax at The Houndstooth Pub and talk with like-minded geeks and if’s you’re dressed for the occasion feel free to come in cosplay too! Per usual, The Mary Sue will be dropping prizes on the crowd so go check it out.

Brooklyn Defender NYCC Pint Night
Thursday, October 10 – 7:00 PM
Beer Culture
328 W 45th St New York, 10036
Click for more Info

The Brooklyn Defender is the official beer of NYCC 2013, brewed by The Brooklyn Brewery, The Defender is beating the snot out of Skunk Beer all over the city! Make sure you get there early if you want to pick up a limited edition pint glass!

Javits Center
Thursday, October 10 – 8:00pm
Click for more Info

This year’s NYCC Kickoff is a comedy show with comedians Janeane Garofalo, Brian Posehn, Mike Drucker, Myq Kaplan and more! This event is free and exclusive to Thursday and 4 -Day Badge holders, VIPs, Exhibitors, Press and Professionals. You must have your Badge with you to enter the event.
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NYCC Star Wars After Party at Webster Hall

Mos Eisley in Manhattan – The New York Comic Con Afterparty!!!

Webster Hall, you’re going to be The Evil Geeks new Saturday night thing!

It’s almost game time Evil Geeks!  We’re just a day away from the official start of the New York Comic Con (although for some of us Evil Geeks,  🙁 the invasion doesn’t begin until Friday morning).  If you plan your con trip right, the fun doesn’t always have to wrap up as soon as the Javitz shuts down for the day.  In fact, the night-time events can be just as fun as the con itself.  This year our Friday post-con night is already booked with the Nerdist Podcast (we hope to see some of you Evil Geeks there too!), but aside from possibly hitting up The Way Station and The Barcade our Saturday night was looking a little light.  Then we heard about this and suddenly, shit got real.  It’s the Comic Con after party at Webster Hall!

If the people at Webster Hall can make this happen, they’d probably just be able to take all of my money.

Yeah, I think I know where we’re heading Saturday night.  Let’s talk the big, ugly elephant in the room first; I’m not exactly “thrilled” about the dubstep music, but you know what?  Screw it, this looks like it’ll be fun!  Getting hammered while a bunch of Jedi and Sith start busting a move sounds like way to good of an opportunity to pass up.  In case you’re not familiar with the venue, Webster Hall is sweet concert venue/nightclub in Manhattan.  Without a doubt, it is one of my favorite places in NYC to see a show.

Dear God!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

If the thought of grinding up on a Gamorean Guard isn’t enough to lure you to the after party, here’s the best part of all: If you bring your NYCC pass, you get in for FREE!!!  Yup, we’re sold.  See you there!

UPDATE: See the pics from the after party here!


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