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Transmissions from the Evil Lair Ep 238 – Blind Fury with Rick Overton

Ready for your second trip into the Hauer-verse, Evil Geeks? Chris and Tom continue their exploration of the works of late actor Rutger Hauer and they’ve called in the big guns this week. Legendary comedian and actor Rick Overton returns to talk about the movie Blind Fury, in which he worked with Hauer.

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5 Things They Had Better Get Right in the New Dead Pool Movie (with lots of GIFs)

Dead Pool 1988 Logo

I was skimming through headlines early this week in the wake of San Diego Comic Con, and I glimpsed an article about test footage for a planned Dead Pool movie featuring a previously unseen version of the character, reportedly more  in keeping with his traditional portrayal.  I guess the video was taken down before I got a chance to watch it but here are the five things we NEED to see in this remake of the classic 1988 installment in the Dirty Harry series.

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Evil Movie Reviews: X-Men Days of Future Past

Afternoon Merry Mutants!

This holiday weekend was host to the return of the X-Men on the Silver Screen. Financially it was very successful pulling in more than $110 million dollars and far surpassing the opening weekend for First Class just a few years ago. But does the seventh movie in the franchise ward an eighth? Read on to find out!
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Evil Movie Reviews: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Happy Friday Nerds!


Last night I caught an early screening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I’ll say that Marvel has got one helluva movie on their hands. The movie gives us a modern day Cap story that simply seems believable. Any fan of Brubaker’s famous run of Captain America with the story of the same name will be pleased with the title characters move into a new medium. I’m gonna start spilling my guts about ol’ wing head in a minute, so if you don’t want spoilers then stop now, if not keep on reading! Read the rest of this entry

Evil Movie Reviews: The Wolverine

Hey True Believers!


I’ve been an X-Men fan for what seems like forever and I remember seeing that first movie with my man C-Mart and literally being amazed with what I saw on the screen (keep in mind, X-Men was the catalyst that defined the superhero movie that both fans and studios have come to love.) In a pre-Avengers and Dark Knight world the X-Men were simply where it was at. At the time they cast a relatively unknown Australian actor as everyone’s favorite Canuck and the jokes started flowing because of the famous Pryde of the X-Men, but I’ll tell you when they introduced Hugh Jackman fighting in a cage I was absolutely convinced that this actor simply was Wolverine! Since that movie we’ve had the good (X2,) the bad (X-Men Origins: Wolverine,) and the ugly (X-Men The Last Stand) 😦 Since then, Fox redeemed itself and gave us a pretty kickass movie in X-Men First Class (with an awesome Wolverine cameo) and is following it up with Days of Future Past next year. But with all that said, today is Logan’s time to shine with an all new movie out simply titled The Wolverine, set in Japan and documenting his life outside the X-Men that was made so famous in his own series. So does this flick kick ass or make you want to impale yourself with adamantium claws? Well, you’ll have to keep reading to find out. Be prepared for spoilers, so make sure you watch the movie yourself if you don’t want anything ruined…
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Evil Movie Reviews: Iron Man 3

Good Morning Geekland!

Last night I had the pleasure to catch Iron Man 3 and it was pretty awesome! The hype around this movie has been building for quite some time, ever since The Avengers dominated the box office and the world last summer that is. In Iron Man 3 we see a post-Avengers Tony Stark and watch him deal with the fact that there is a lot more out there than he ever knew. I’ll go into some details, but plan not to spoil the film all too much, but if you’ve kept yourself away from everything thus far, then go see this flick, otherwise you have been warned… Read the rest of this entry

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