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The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 12: General Geekery!


On the last day of Geeks-Mas, The Brotherhood gave to me an extra list of stuff called General Geekery!

To celebrate the end of our holiday buyers guide we are bringing you an extra helping of awesome recommendations so you can get that special some-geek in your life a great gift. Or hell, buy yourself something… tis the season of giving after all!

Martian Luthor Kang the 117th

There’s something we’ve neglected to mention in these articles.. something that I geek out  on every year at this season.  Christmas specials!

I suppose that I’m a Christmas Geek, if there is such a thing, and when I’ve got a night without plans or a Sunday afternoon with some time that needs killing, I’ll treat myself to a Christmas special to bring a little bit of the season into my living room.


For the second year in a row, I’ve popped on  Blackadder’s Christmas Carol (which, along with he rest of the series, is now available on Netflix streaming).  The series, if you’re not familiar, is more or less an over-the-top sitcom, each series of which is set in during a different period of England’s history. The juxtaposition of Elizabethan period dress and Three’s Company style plots should be enough to pique your interest.

The Christmas special has a lot of fun with Dickens’ masterpiece by reversing the character development of the main character. Ebenezer Blackadder is, through visitations from a series of ghosts, eventually brought around to the idea that the nice guy finishes last.  So after learning his lesson, he doesn’t rejoice in the streets and bring smiles to the faces of poor crippled children, he instead goes out and takes what’s his. It’s a goofy good time and I highly recommend it.


Another seasonal favorite of mine is DC Comics’ Hitman #22,  where protagonist Tommy Monahan and friends encounter a radioactive Santa who’s being a bit of a Scrooge.  You see, an employee of the local nuclear plant had been dunked in the 0h-so-common uncovered vat of nuclear waste and emerged highly irradiated and equally angry.  In their typical style, Tommy and Natt the Hat make short work of him… but the end of this issue genuinely touched me. Garth Ennis seems to take the same thing away from Christmas that I do.  I can reasonably infer from his various works that he shares my total lack of interest in religion, but the idea of Christmas has transcended in our culture to a point behind it’s classical roots and the poem that frames this story gets that notion across perfectly.


So I always forget things at this time of year and rather than re-listing a bunch o’ crap of things that I meant to tell you about, I’m only gonna tell you about that one more thing which is The Avengers Helicarrier Playset! This is basically the equivalent to the G.I.Joe Air Craft Carrier that so many nerds never had, so if you see it make sure to grab it up before they are long gone! This thing is over 3 feet long, in fact it’s so big that it ca fit 16 action figures and probably a Hulk or a Quinjet! Also, it usually costs $80 but Amazon has it on sale for $34 and can ship it in time for christmas. So if you’ve got a little geek who is 5 or 45, this could be an awesome gift under the tree this week!

Helicarrier Play Set!C-MART

Know a Whovian with a hankering for some mid-day eating? Then turn them into the the coolest nerd in the lunchroom with the kick-ass TARDIS lunch box:

e81e_doctor_who_lunch_boxHopefully it’s bigger on the inside; just think of all the sandwiches you could fit inside of it?

One thing I forgot to metion back when we did the post on games was Assasin’s Creed 3


I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, so I’d definitely like to see it under the tree.  The Assassin’s Creed games have been getting progressively better, so I’m hoping that this one continues on that trend.

Thanks for joining us for The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas!

Happy Festivus Nerds!

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The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 5: Toys

Let’s face it, Evil Geeks, we are a toy loving people.  We’re the grown men and women with entire bookshelves and display cases dedicated solely to showing off your prized action figures.  We’re the adults cruising the superhero aisle at Toys R’ Us searching the back of the racks for that rare chase figure (uhhhh not THOSE adults cruising Toys R’ Us…we’re just here for the toys!)  If you aren’t that person this Christmas, chances are you know someone who fits that bill.  Today we’re taking a look at some of the toys that the Evil Geeks are drooling over this Christmas season!

Tis the season... to be a lame supervillain!

Tis the season… to be a lame supervillain!


If you’re a regular reader of the site you might already have an inkling of what I’m going to recommend here. If you don’t the answer is Legos, glorious Legos. With the new Hobbit movie just released there are plenty of new sets being added to the already expansive Lord Of The Rings series. But if I had to recommend just one set above all others it wouldn’t be LOTR at all. It would be the sweetness that is Jabba’s Palace.


My fiancee and I due to our upcoming wedding decided to not buy presents for one another this year, instead we just went in on this together, wrapped it and now it’s sitting under the tree taunting us. Not only is the structure cool but it comes with a Lego Jabba The Hutt, two Han Solos (one normal and one encased in carbonite), Leia in her bounty hunter outfit, Oola the dancer, Chewie in handcuffs, that vampire looking guy and that green piggish guard. Not to mention Jabba’s little annoying lap “dog” Salacious B. Crumb. In 2013, they will be releasing a Rancor Pit and Jabba’s Palace will even sit comfortable on top of it! Do the right thing this Christmas season and buy this for someone you love.



What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ, than by giving someone you love a gigantic, murderous, racist robot!


Behold the mighty Sentinel!  Big Evil clued me in to the existence of this a few weeks ago when he got one himself.  How cool looking is that monster!?!?  It dwarfs all other action figures.  If I ended up owning this, chances are I’d end up sitting in a dark room, completely unwashed and alone, yelling “ROCKET PUNCH” in a robotic voice, while destroying X-Men figures.

Another cool little item that I’ve seen in the pitiful toy section of my local supermarket, is the Batman line of vehicle recently put out by Hot Wheels.


These are low in price, but high in awesomeness, as they’re only about 5 bucks a pop.  No matter what batman era you love the most, there is a vehicle in the line for you!  There are Batmobiles from the 30’s, the 60’s show, the Tim Burton movies, the dark era know as Joel Schumacher’s reign of terror, and even the Tumbler.  You also get ancillary Bat-Related vehicles like the Bat-Helicopter,  The Bat from TDKR, and even Penguin’s duckie vehicle from Batman Returns!  An unbeliveable stocking stuffer to say the very least!


DC Universe Classics Figures
Want to get that geek something special but low cost? Look at the DC Universe line of Action Figures for a great gift! THE DCU figures are 6″ posable toys with a ton of articulation to them can be used to stop the Joker from robbing a bank or simply protecting the computer desk in your nerds “bat cave.” The coolest thing is that DC is an old company with a ridiculous amount of characters, so there really are a ton of variants to get if you want only Green Lantern toys for example. With the new 52 out, one might think that all the old ones are off mark, but DC does a great job of keeping tons of them around on toy shelves everywhere. Also, the DCU toys offer things directly from popular and contemporary storylines, like a Yellow-Lantern Scarecrow or a Blue-Lantern Flash (I’ve got that one!) or possibly the entire set of Legion of Super Heroes (which I’ve seen, and is badass!!!) Can’t find that “Orion” toy your looking for? Check out Amazon or eBay, but beware… chase figures can cost a pretty penny after they are off the shelves, so word to the wise; if you see one of these that seem amazingly cool and there is only one, then buy it now before it jumps to 400% of the original price online, although many of the regular ones cant be found at online retailers for a really reasonable cost. OK, True Believes get out there and buy some Action Figures!


Remember to come back tomorrow for The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 6: NerdoTech

Seasons Greetings Nerds!

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The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks Top 5 Thunderdome Throwdown – Merry Christmas Ya’ Filthy Animals!

Hello Geeks! It’s that special time of the month again…No, Not that one!
It’s our Top 5!
This month we are we are taking a stroll with the Ghost of Christmas Past while we look back at our favorite gifts that we did get and even a few ones that got away! Enjoy…

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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 19

I was too young to have seen the original Star Wars films in the theater. Likewise, while I had many of the original action figures, they were inherited from my older brothers. The assortment of hand-me-down toys included just about all of the principal characters (my Han was in Hoth duds, but I was okay with that), a few storm troopers, a handful of assorted aliens, and this  indifferent  man with a beard…

The General

Look how steep the slope of his hair is!

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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 18

Today’s article is about GI Joe. Now before you get excited, it’s not about the critically acclaimed film, it’s about the line of toys. And it’s not about the tiny little figures who fought Cobra, it’s about the Barbie-sized soldiers who fought Communism. I was recently at a local comic convention and I happened upon an old-school GI Joe. I could not help but notice is life-like hair and beard.

It’s a fantastic little bit of facial hair, but it always seemed a bit wrong to me. GI Joe looks like a no-good longhair peacenik, for Pete’s sake.

But what really stood out to me was the unnerving look on his face… he had seen some shit in ‘Nam. He had seen some shit that he couldn’t unsee. It kind of creeped me out to imagine GI Joe in this situation. And the closer I got to his shell-shocked eyes, the worse I felt for this tortured soul.

Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank, I was in charge of million-dollar equipment. Back here I can’t even hold a job parking cars!!

I kind of hope that they take a look at the psychological toll that war takes on it’s soldiers in the new GI Joe movie… maybe they’ll show a younger generation that no one walks away without wounds. But then I remember the trailer, and think about how fucking awesome it’ll be to see a swordfight on a mountainside and watch Bruce Willis shoot up some Cobra Crimson Guard. Maybe save the poignant mirror-on-society story for part 3 ?

Seriously, though… although the first movie was honestly about the worst motion picture I’ve ever seen, I genuinely look forward to GI Joe 2. Whoever edited that trailer should win an Oscar.

And we’ll all go down together, Geeks.

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These Aren’t The Toys You’re Looking For

Apparently I spend more time walking around toy isle at Target than I realize because that is where I saw this gem. Now, it’s no secret that George Lucas has milked the Star Wars franchise for all it’s worth. The joke is on us though because we are the suckers who keep buying it all. Let me say that it is truly amazing that in the year 2012, I can buy toys for a 35-year-old movie. The picture above is the bottom of the barrel though, who in their right mind would feel the need to own background droid characters who don’t even have dialogue? The R5-D4 ( the one all the way to left if you don’t speak “Geek”) sole moment in Episode 4 is it sparking up after Uncle Owen purchases it and making Luke exclaim “This R2 unit has a bad motivator”. Who in their right mind is clamoring to buy that toy??? Or what about the one all the way to the right whose design is clearly just a trash can? I’m sure somewhere this is making some completest very happy but some unknowing parent is going to make a little kid really pissed off when they get home and see that waiting for them on the kitchen table.

I’ll do my best to resist talking about this too. I feel like I don’t have the right since I own a Star Wars Trouble board….

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