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Horror of Horrors: Jason X and Jason Goes to Hell

Welcome back once again to your weekly feast of blood and gore. I, as always, am your devourer of souls and filler of empty holes (graves, you heathens) , Arthur Harkness. Today I bring to you something that is slightly (greatly) absurd yet oh so awesome at the same time. Your boy Arthur loves horror movies, we all know that, yet what you don’t know is that I have almost no shame with my love for certain properties. One such being Friday The 13th and all things Jason Voorhees. I know a lot of you must be fans as well, so in honor of our masked assailant and stalker of camp grounds, I am going to give you a combined dose of two Friday the 13th movies! Excited? Well you should be! Because I am giving you Jason X and Jason Goes to Hell. Hahaha I wish I could see the look on all of your faces. Why? Because I know you all are probably groaning at the moment. But Arthur! Those were pretty much the worst out of all of them!! You know what I say to that? NAAAAAY!!! NAY again sirs and ladies! And let me tell you why. Grab my hand because this we may get separated running through these woods.


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Ep 023 – Evil Geeks Disassembled: Evil Movie Night – The Horror of the Evil Lair!


Evil Movie Night returns for a brand new installment!  This time C-Mart, Paulo Pinta, and Martian Luthor Kang the 117th sit down to talk their favorite horror movies of all time!  Zombies! Monsters! Mad men! Gratuitous nudity!  This ep has it all!

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