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Happy 75th Birthday Batman!

Greetings Evil Geeks!

Ten cents can’t buy you much of anything today, but 75 years ago to the date that lucky dime of yours could buy you a copy of Detective Comics #27 and give you a guaranteed 64 pages of action and most importantly, introduce you to The Bat-Man!

Batman 75

The Bat-Man? With a “the” and a hyphen? Yup, that’s right. In the beginning he wasn’t the common household name that we all know today. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the vigilante comic was a hit and within a year the dark knight sensation got a second comic of his own and history tells the rest of the story that we all know today!

DC Comics plans a 75 Anniversary celebration For the birthday occasion, I bring you a panel from his first appearance and a promise… To celebrate the Bat all year long! I know, I know… I already do that, right? Well yeah, but I’ll have the whole comics industry doing it with me this year with DC throwing the party! Read the rest of this entry

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