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Ep 058 – A Farewell To the 11th Doctor



Christmas just wrapped up, so that means it’s time for the Evil Geeks to talk the Doctor Who Christmas Special!  Laugh, cry and remember with the Evil Geeks as they bid a fond farewell to Matt Smith and get all excited for Peter Capaldi to take the controls of the TARDIS (even if he may not know exactly how to fly it yet).  Arthur Harkness, Big Evil, and C-Mart talk all the latest news from Trenzalore and even get weepy eyed over the departed Handles.  It’s an all Evil Geek Whovian extravaganza!

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Who Review – The Time of the Doctor

Here we are Evil Geeks, time to unwrap the best present we get every Christmas: The Doctor Who Christmas Special!!!  I’ve been looking forward to this with both limitless anticipation and unlimited dread because we’re getting a new episode of Doctor Who, which is guaranteed to be a spectacular one; but at the same time we’re losing our current Doctor.  It’s Matt Smith’s farewell to the TARDIS and knowing Steven Moffat, there’s going to be a ton of tears when it’s all over.  This is going to be amazing and incredibly rough at the same time.  For the last time, Evil Geeks: GERONIMO!!!

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Arthur’s Afterthoughts: The Day of the Doctor

day of the doctor

Well if it isn’t you guys again……Hey there all my lovely Whovians!! I hope you all had a chance to catch the 50th anniversary special this weekend, as it was freaking awesome. How awesome? Shall we just say that at the start of the special, Arthur had two boners and two sonics. The logistics don’t even make sense to the point where reality started bending and my brain started exploding. It was amazing. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read C-Mart’s look at the special, go check it out now, as this one will be a sort of companion piece…..see what I did there?

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Who Review – The Day of the Doctor

Happy Doctor Who Day Evil Geeks!  It’s finally here, the day all Whovians have been eagerly anticipating, the day of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor! The Tenth and the Eleventh, Tennant, Smith, Hurt, the Bad Wolf and the Impossible Girl, all together for the first time ever!  Seriously, if you told me a year ago that we’d be doing this today, I’d never have believed you.  An episode this epic just didn’t seem possible, yet here we are.  Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to catch some of the BBC’s coverage, which has been an absolute Whovian’s dream over the past few days; culminating with Friday night’s premiere of “An Adventure Through Time and Space” the story of the real life drama behind the origins of the Doctor Who TV show, the season 7 marathon and ending finally with the jewel in the crown that is The Day of the Doctor.  Will it live up to the hype? Let’s find out shall we? GERONIMO!!!

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Ep 037 – The End of the 10th Doctor


This week. resident Whovians C-Mart and Arthur Harkness  sit down just moments after Big Evil watches the death of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor to get his reaction after the emotional farewell.  Then they discuss their love for Doctor Who in general, talk briefly about the anticipation of the reveal of the 12th Doctor and dread what will surely be an emotional farewell to Matt Smith.  It’s Who-Vana week on Transmissions From the Evil Lair!


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Who Review: The Bells of Saint John


Greetings Evil Geeks and welcome to our new weekly review of all things Who!  In my section of the Evil Lair, Doctor Who has become appointment TV whenever a new series starts.  Saturday nights everything comes to a halt for that one glorious hour of television, so I figured why not take the opportunity to write a weekly about everyone’s favorite Galifreyan.  After a bittersweet farewell to Amy and Rory at the mid-series finale and a Christmas special that saw Clara Oswald die for a heart-breaking second time, it goes without saying that there’s a great deal of anticipation built up as we start this second half of the series.  So how does the Doctor find another incarnation of the “Impossible Girl” and how does she do on her first official trip out as a companion? Let’s get the discussion underway and we’ll all find out!

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