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Theater of the Absurd Makes Its Debut!


Hey there, Evil Geeks! Hopefully you were able to make it out to The Low Beat this past weekend to check out the premiere of the first episode of Theater of the Absurd. If you listened to Undies of Wondy’s interview with the creators on Transmission’s From the Evil Lair a few weeks ago, then you knew you were going to be in for a treat with the first episode of this animated comedy.

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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – Pendraggin’ Ass

Welcome once more to the ever-expanding fine art gallery  housed within our Evil Lair.

Today’s highlighted work is a return to tradition for the Evil Geeks Art Collective. Separate illustrations of the same topic drawn by Arthur Harkness and Biff Tannen combined into a perfect work of art through science.

While no particular source material was supplied, it will become apparent that at least one of our artists was working with this in mind:

Arthur Original

I won’t waste your time with words. There are no words.

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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – SECRET CRISIS

Not long ago, the Evil Geeks held court at the Albany Comic Con. And while the camphor and mentholyptus we rubbed on our stiff upper lips distracted us from the unpleasant smells afoot that afternoon, we still needed distraction from the boredom that plagued us. And thus, the rogue Biff Tannen devised an exercise that was both entertaining and productive: a groupwide collaborative artistic effort. In essence, a sort of “We Are The World” composed of pencil strokes rather than voices, but an all star assortment nonetheless.

The came the question of a topic. What subject could possibly allow for the wildly diverse styles and the unpredictably unusual choices of our artists? Why, their artistic choices seem to almost come from entirely separate universes! Eu-motherfucking-reka! Crisis on Infinite Earths from DC Comics and Secret Wars (The current series which has unashamedly stolen the plot of the former) would afford our creators the perfect opportunity to use any character they like and to render them as unusually as they undoubtedly would. The game was thenceforth afoot.

I sat on the sidelines as the aforementioned Biff Tannen, his frequent collaborator/competitor Arthur Harkness, and newcomers to the game C-Mart and Big Evil sketched out two pages worth of epic Universe-shattering action. A few visitors to the table even got in on the fun. It truly is, as I am assured the children still say, a “Jam Piece”.

I’m not one for ado, and I cannot imagine your tastes run so dissimilar to mine as to welcome it, so let us not tarry any further. I give you the two pages that comprise our INFINITY WARS.

First, the Marvel side of things:


And then DC:


Excuse the crudity of this coming statement, but hold on to your butts and try not to shit your britches, because what’s to come will leave your jaw agape in awe.


Are you ready?


I’m not kidding around… take a moment if needed.



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Evil Geeks Art Gallery – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Men Finale

Appreciators of fine art that we are here at the ever-growing Evil Geeks Art Gallery, no manner of media is beyond of grasp. Sure, we are renowned for our collection of priceless recreations of pop fiction’s treasured moments, but classic cinema, fashion, and most certainly television in today’s Golden Age. And with the finale of AMC’s stellar series Mad Men only a day away, we decided to commemorate our shared love for this fine filmic serial with a poster. A poster celebrating the eight years of fantastic programming to which we’ve been treated. Naturally, this job was not to be left to amateurs.

mad men logo

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Super Cafe: It’s On!

Whats Up Nerds!

Over the past few days there have been some big Hollywood reveals including the super-amazing-incredible Star Wars Episode VII trailer and even Jurassic World. But alas, Warner Bros. had big plans of their own to unveil the Dawn of Justice trailer in a special IMAX screen just this past Monday, but then someone caught it on their cellphone and uploaded a crappy video online and BAM! the leak happened and the nerd world had a collective mehhhhhhhhh to it.

So, was the Batman vs Superman trailer really all that bad? No, not entirely. But it wasn’t good…especially when we all saw Han and Chewy and heard Luke narrating that trailer just hours before. Not gonna lie, I was having a HORRIBLE day up to that point and that completely changed it and I was grinning from ear to ear and talking about it to my wife for the rest of the night. Because I, like you I’d imagine, love Star Wars and also because it was awesome! Anyhow, after the leak Warners had to go ahead and throw their trailer online just like Marvel did with Age of Ultron after it was leaked back in the Fall of 2014. Dawn of Justice has a gritty and ominous feeling to it that one wouldn’t expect from Superman, but honestly it feels kind of right to me based on Man of Steel. Anyways the folks over at How it Should Have Ended have given us a pretty funny interaction between the caped crusader and everyones favorite boy scout about movie trailers that totally made me chuckle. Check it out…

End of day, I’m a big DC fan so I think that Dawn of Justice will be good and my many Marvel Fanboy Friends (cough, cough, C-Mart) simply will not until we see what happens. Still though, they could’ve given us DC Fanboys a little bit more to work with here!

Later Nerds!

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Gone Bingewatchin’

We’ve got some serious television viewing to tackle today, so we’re entering Low Content Mode for the duration of the weekend. However, here’s a fun activity with which you can while away the days!

Messrs Biff Tannen and Martian Luthor Kang each drew versions of this Daredevil illustration in anticipation of the release of the Netflix Original Series, how many differences can you find between the two?  Show your work.

image (1) image

Podcast to follow Monday morning!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. Please click on the “About Us” tab for our takedown policy.

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