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The Marvel Trade Paperback Dilemma

Not too long ago, I was reading a lot of Marvel titles. As far as I was concerned they were killing it when they launched Marvel Now. Currently, I’m only reading Bendis’ two X-Men titles and the rest is exclusively put out by Image. One of the major things that bugs me about Marvel’s business practices is their trade paperback releases.


I really dislike the small trades that have become the standard today. You know the ones that sometimes have 4 or 5 issues in them. I prefer long collected trades that cover an author’s entire work on a series, but I realize this isn’t always an option especially if the run is still ongoing. I buy those smaller trades from Image comics because I know there is a chance that that will be the only way those stories will be collected. With notable exception of monster hits like Saga which are bound for big lavish trades with lots of available material in it. Image at least puts their trades out in paperback first and charges $9.99 for the inaugural volume. Generally, Marvel will collect the most recent issues of a series and release a hardcover trade for $25 playing on the fact that some fans will of course buy anything and others only read in trades so they are eager to catch up on the story. 7 or 8 months later they will release the paperback version of the same trade for $20.

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Evil Movie Review: Transformers – Age of Extinction

cover tf

Greetings Geeks!

It has been far too long since we last spoke. Unfortunately, I have nothing but bad news for you, as I review this summer’s blockbuster, Transformers: Age of Extinction. I spoke about this movie quite a bit a couple weeks back on our podcast, but I figured that I’ve settled down a little bit and could expand my rant! How can a summer blockbuster have anything negative associated with it, you ask? Well, the answer to that question and more other frustrating things about this movie are awaiting you.

A brief bio-graphical history of my love for the Transformers

It was 1986, a rainy day in Astoria Queens. I was really, really bored. After annoying the crap of my parents, they took to me to the local video rental store to get a movie. When I walked in my eyes were focused on the children’s section and I ran over as fast as I could, anxious to see what I could find. They I saw it. It was a volume set of the first 9 episodes of the Transformers cartoon. I took home those 3 VHS tapes, loaded them in my VHS player, pressed play and instantly fell in love. From there I was hooked. My love for the Transformers started with the G1 series and spread to the toys, comics, other cartoons, video games and most recently the live action movies. There aren’t many things that I am very knowledgeable or passionate about in this nerd multi-verse we live in, but I do know Transformers and I know when to call something out for the disappointing load of garbage that it is.

That being said

Warning Spoilers Below!!!

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Writer Turnover In The Comic Industry

With all the flurry of SDCC announcements recently it was hard to digest and take it all in. One of them in particular really stood out and bothered me. Greg Rucka would be leaving the new Cyclops series after issue #6. This is unfortunate because Rucka is one of my favorite writers; I think Gotham Central is one of the few truly flawless series that exists. His reasons for leaving are legit enough, he does pen a few other different series and wants to concentrate on his novel writing. I respect that. I’m just sad to see him leave the only Marvel title he was doing.


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Villain Spotlight: Tim Curry

Greetings again evil geeks, are you ready for a villain spotlight featuring a man with one of the most treacherous, diabolical, and admiring smiles and voices of all time?!?! Of course you are! And today I bring you none other than Tim Curry, the man with the most mischievous grin anyone could pull off. Much like I feel like you could add barbecue sauce to any dish to make it a little more palatable, I think you could add a healthy dose of Tim Curry to any film to make it just a little bit more enjoyable, especially for those of us evil mongerers. So continue forward for my tribute to the villain that makes us all swoon in his own way as I spotlight Tim Curry’s career.

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Arthur’s Afterthoughts: We Are All Nerds

I apologize to you all in advance for my lack of a presence these past couple weeks, but Arthur’s got himself some new employment, and time runs short for us all, but Lilith and the rest of the geeks have your backs.  In the past couple weeks, due to said employment, I have ventured out into the world, and barring exposure to the sun, it’s not too bad. However, certain things have come to light for me, and it’s really setting me on edge. Yes, I am assuming it has been covered before, and yes, I know my take on it may not be completely acceptable, but deal with it. I am extremely tired of the term nerd, and it really needs to stop.

nerds 3

Here’s the thing, the term “nerd” used to be somewhat derogatory and it carried with it a stigma of either not being cool, or being some kind of asshole. It was wrong, and still is, but the thing that drives me nuts about it is the fact that now everyone wants to be considered a nerd. They think it’s cool, but in reality, most of the people coining that term now are assholes who years ago wouldn’t have been caught dead being referred to as a nerd. Ridiculous, right? Pardon me if I sound a bit bitter, but I sort of am. Google search the term “nerd” right now and see what comes up. Pocket protectors and a few rows down some hot chick wearing glasses…..that’s what we have now. Is this really what we have brought ourselves to? Read the rest of this entry

In Defense of Jaime Lannister, or An Indictment of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

Morality is murky in Westeros. Since the very first episode when Ned Stark rendered the ultimate sentence to a Night’s Watch deserter, Game of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have put on a master class in painting right and wrong using only shades of grey.

Benioff has gone on record that he believes themes are for “eighth-grade book reports.” However, time and time again, he and Weiss present seemingly deplorable actions and force the viewer to ask whether the ends justify the means. We have been asked to consider why it is more noble to kill ten thousand men in battle than a dozen at dinner. We have been asked to consider whether sparing the Seven Kingdoms the wrath of dragon fire is worth the assassination of a teen orphan a world away. And we have been asked to consider whether it is honorable to slay a King whom you are sworn to guard when he gives the order to burn them all. That objective right and wrong are merely a fantasy in one of Sansa’s stories and that Machiavellian morality sits atop the Iron Throne seem to be reoccurring themes, whether Beinoff and Weiss want to admit it or not.


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