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LGBTQ+ representation in games – League of Str8 Peeps – a rant

So here we are folks, another day another rant about Riot and League of Legends. This one is a real bucket-flipper people, for I am about to talk at length about Xayah and Rakan: the League’s latest and straightest champions to date.

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Robocop Vs. The Faulty Ramp



The most brilliant joke about the comedy film, “Robocop”, and make no mistake, it is a comedy, is the faulty ramp. The faulty ramp happens very early in the story, but as Syd Field says, you can usually tell what a movie is going to be about in the first ten minutes.  You will know if you like a movie in that time frame, and you will also know what it’s going to be about.

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Female objectification in games -League of Sexism- a rant

{Warning: the author of this post is by no means slut-shaming and is perfectly fine with people wearing skimpy outfits if they so desire. However, as the characters mentioned below are designed by other people (with a nefarious agenda in mind) they do not have agency over their own clothing and haven’t been described as such. Again, not slut-shaming.}

If you’ve been around on the internet for the past few years, then you’ve probably come across a free-to-play, MOBA game called League of Legends. Chances are you’ve downloaded it and have stumbled upon the glistening mannequins it has opted for in place of female characters, proceeding to puke your eyes out from the horror of it all. Now, quick disclaimer to any Leaguers out there, your game is horribly and sickeningly sexist and no amount of denial/stunning ignorance can disguise that. It might not be the only one out there and there are worse offenders, but it’s a good place to start. Actually, the staggering level of sexism on display is not my only issue with the game, what with there being next to zero representation available –queer or otherwise- but I digress (seriously though, there’s like 3 (5, possibly 6) people of colour in it. What the hell Riot?) You see, in LoL female characters’ bodies do not let themselves be hindered by the restricting laws of physics and/or anatomy. In fact, those rebellious sacks of over-sexualized flesh do all that’s in their metaphysical power to go against the very fabric of reality; from painfully-narrow waists, inhumanly slender figures and unnatural swivel-spines to abnormally large breasts, contorted torsos and presumably boneless extremities, LoL captures exactly what’s wrong with how women are portrayed in the gaming industry. One of the many things this game does wrong is, as usual, the amount of armor any female character is allowed to wear. Case in point, let’s have a look at Morgana’s current splash art.

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Discussing Mark Waid’s Daredevil

It’s no secret that Daredevil is one of my favorite comic book characters, I’ve written about him a great deal on for this site. All things considered, though, I’m still a relative new comer to this world only really giving him a chance in the last few years. Doing so made me fall in love with the character. I haven’t read all of it, but the Miller, Bendis and Brubaker stuff are my personal favorites and made for some of the best comic reading I’ve ever experienced. I came to Daredevil because my love for both pulp and film noir, it seemed like a perfect fit. Finishing Brubaker’s run recently (and knowing I was skipping the Diggle’s Shadowland story) meant I was 36 issues or so away from being able to catch up with the book and for first time to read the book of the stands. So, I cut myself off from the outside world, dug my heels in and went to town. The results were not what I expected.


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Mr. Batmom Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Tim Burton Batman Movies

Keaton is my Batman. Don’t get me wrong, the Christopher Nolan movies were all great but the two Tim Burton ones have a mystique that’s hard to deny, even though for a long time I tried.


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Arthur’s Afterthoughts: We Are All Nerds

I apologize to you all in advance for my lack of a presence these past couple weeks, but Arthur’s got himself some new employment, and time runs short for us all, but Lilith and the rest of the geeks have your backs.  In the past couple weeks, due to said employment, I have ventured out into the world, and barring exposure to the sun, it’s not too bad. However, certain things have come to light for me, and it’s really setting me on edge. Yes, I am assuming it has been covered before, and yes, I know my take on it may not be completely acceptable, but deal with it. I am extremely tired of the term nerd, and it really needs to stop.

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Here’s the thing, the term “nerd” used to be somewhat derogatory and it carried with it a stigma of either not being cool, or being some kind of asshole. It was wrong, and still is, but the thing that drives me nuts about it is the fact that now everyone wants to be considered a nerd. They think it’s cool, but in reality, most of the people coining that term now are assholes who years ago wouldn’t have been caught dead being referred to as a nerd. Ridiculous, right? Pardon me if I sound a bit bitter, but I sort of am. Google search the term “nerd” right now and see what comes up. Pocket protectors and a few rows down some hot chick wearing glasses…..that’s what we have now. Is this really what we have brought ourselves to? Read the rest of this entry

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