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The Definitive D23 Expo News Post: Awesome Stuff You Need to Know


It’s no secret I’m a bit of a Disney obsessed nerd. I used to work for the company, I literally plan my life around visits to the theme parks, and I follow literally every Disney blog and podcast I can get my hands on. Since Disney has acquired some awesome properties like Marvel and Star Wars, D23 Expo definitely had some awesome nerdy announcements this weekend that had me jumping for joy! The massive event takes place in Anaheim right near the motherland, Disneyland Resort. I’ve followed the Expo religiously all weekend and have compiled the list of some of the most awesome announcements made at D23 Expo, so look no further, here’s the best stuff to come out of D23:

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5 Things They Had Better Get Right in the New Dead Pool Movie (with lots of GIFs)

Dead Pool 1988 Logo

I was skimming through headlines early this week in the wake of San Diego Comic Con, and I glimpsed an article about test footage for a planned Dead Pool movie featuring a previously unseen version of the character, reportedly more  in keeping with his traditional portrayal.  I guess the video was taken down before I got a chance to watch it but here are the five things we NEED to see in this remake of the classic 1988 installment in the Dirty Harry series.

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Zack Snyder Reveals Batman!

Afternoon Geeks!

We’ve been waiting for in for months now and it’s finally here! The first pic of Ben Affleck as Batman with the Batmobile. Yesterday, Snyder teased us all with this pic of the car but today he’s given us everything.

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What if Superpowers were Real???

Afternoon Nerds!

I think it’s safe to say that not only have we all pondered on the question above, but you’ve probably had many conversations and maybe even arguments about the subject with your friends and family. (BTW, totally speaking from personal experience here. 🙂 ) Anywho, TED-Ed, the folks behind the famous TED Talks have produced a new video series investigating six different power sets and how they would work in the real world, rather than Metropolis.

The following videos detail invisibilty, flight, immortality, super strength, super speed, and body mass. To say the least, they’re pretty fun. So check them out below!

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Robert Downey Jr. Officially Suits up for Avengers 2 & Avengers 3

Afternoon Nerds!


Well the word is out! Marvel and Disney have announced that Robert Downey Jr. has officially signed on to star in both Avengers 2 and Avengers 3! All I can say is: “Thank You God!” As the world knows, Downey’s contract was up after the very popular and profitable Iron Man 3 this May and for a brief moment there I actually was afraid that the studio would cheap out on the blockbuster franchise and try to save a buck by not bringing him back, especially with the way that Iron Man 3 ended. But the nerd gods have shined on us and we’ve got our likable yet egotistical Tony Stark back!
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The Justice League Trumps the Legion!

Hey Nerds!
In what I felt was somewhat a controversial move, DC canned Legion of Super Heroes last month. Don’t get me wrong, I understand because I’ve even shared with my boy Kang that I’ve always wanted to be into the Legion, but just couldn’t get find my way with them. I like the characters, in fact I like them a lot, but just couldn’t get hooked despite trying multiple times. Anyway, DC has announced that it’s replacing the title with Justice League 3000! The title will include new takes on Batman, Supes, Wonder Woman, GL, and The Flash!


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