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Eves of the Outbreak

Special Thanks to the Geeks for inspiring me to tell this story.

Eves of the Outbreak by Lilith Assisi

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Horror of Horrors: The NeverEnding Story

Lilith here again. And I bet you are asking yourself again why I am talking about a fantasy movie in a horror of horrors column. But those of you born in the 70’s and 80’s will understand. This movie was one of my favorites as a child, yet successfully scared the bejesus out of me on multiple occasions. Let’s go through all the many parts of this movie that will guarantee it’s ability to traumatize and horrify any child under the age of 13, and maybe some of us older than that watching it for the first time.


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Horror of Horrors: Tremors

Not all of us grew up on a diet of R-rated film and horror extravaganzas. In fact, my parents tried (unsuccessfully) to prevent me from seeing an R-rated film until I was 17. Yet I think there were still some films my parents let me watch at too young of an age. You remember how TV would adjust R-rated films to make them PG-13 for prime time TV? Well my parents would occasionally let me sit in on these films with them in the evenings, and sadly a couple of them scarred me for life, even if they are incredibly corny looking back at them. The ones that come to mind are Jaws, Arachnophobia, and Tremors. The latter of this list left me so scared that as a child I think I spent an entire month trying to maneuver my household from item of furniture to item of furniture, avoiding having my feet touch the ground as much as possible. I rewatched this 1990 gem for all of you, so sit back to enjoy this horror of horrors from my childhood. 


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Horror of Horrors: The Little Shop of Horrors

It’s been a long time since I have watched this movie. I mean, a long time, like at least 16 years (wow I am old). But I remember enjoying it fondly at the age of 15 so I was excited to tackle it again. And it is only appropriate that this amazing film be featured as a horror of horrors, because even with its comedy elements it is quite a terrifying film in many ways. What is not to love about a human-eating monster plant?Little-Shop-of-Horrors_2

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Evil Movie Review: Pandorum

Welcome back for another action-packed, spoiler-riddled review from your favorite Evil Queen. Yes I am still sadly recovering from a bloody knee injury, but I am on the mend and getting lots of time to indulge in more fun science fiction flicks. This weekend the Veganaut and I tackled Pandorum, a 2009 film whose back cover sounded strangely similar to Event Horizon. I now bring you my review of this Denis Quaid featuring film.


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Horror of Horrors: Roald Dahl

While probably a quarter of what I read these days is labeled as a “young adult novel”, I hate to admit that I have not picked up a children’s book in quite some time. I remember back in second grade when I first became obsessed with reading, and readily found myself volunteering to read stories to kindergarten students, or taking over the responsibility of reading a bedtime story to my little brother instead of my parents. I am glad that the habit has stuck, and while I might not be a particularly fast reader, I find myself engrossed in various novels many times every week. Thinking back to those grade school years and when I first became an avid reader I can remember one author in particular whose work I found myself strangely addicted to: Roald Dahl. Dahl is afterall quite a bizarre writer, whose novels are classified as children’s stories yet have something sinister, terrifying, and electrifying in their pages that warrants this post being classified a horror of horrors. Read on as Lilith reminisces and pays homage to one of her favorite childhood horror authors the infamous Roald Dahl.


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