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Evil Geeks TV: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Ok, serious question folks, how in the hell have one of my fellow geeks not written about this show yet?!?! We’re seeing more and more reboots and remakes these days, so I had low expectations for this prequel, especially since capturing Jim Henson’s perfect puppets and the feeling you got watching them as a child is hard to replicate, but somehow, they did it.


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Eves of the Outbreak

Special Thanks to the Geeks for inspiring me to tell this story.

Eves of the Outbreak by Lilith Assisi

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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Castle

This one is a bit off topic for me, but appropriate none the less. If you had asked me a year ago whether or not I would have a.) Agreed to watch a non-sci fi or fantasy show, specifically a cop show, and b.) Been raving about it to everyone as well as quoting cheesy one-liners from it on a weekly basis I would have said wholeheartedly no way. But my love of Nathan Fillion (from Firefly fame of course) convinced me to say at least give it a try. And here I am a year later writing you a suggestions post on why I think you too should take the plunge. Here’s my spoiler filled reasoning for you on why I think you should give Castle a try.


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Guilty Pleasures – The Wizard


There were two things I loved in 1989, Nintendo and the Wonder Years. The movie The Wizard gave me the bizarre opportunity to combine both of them. My mom took my brother and I to the movies to let us experience this first hand. We left that theatre elated. I hadn’t seen the movie in the following 26 years until last weekend. I’ll proudly admit (if you couldn’t guess based on the title of this article), I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it still.

Now make no bones about it, this is not a good movie in a way shape or form. Sometimes though you can coast through something solely on nostalgia despite how bad it is. Other times though nostalgia just isn’t enough.

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Totally Ready for this Trek!

Whats up Nerds!


So, I’m in my mid-thirties and my entire life I’ve pretty much lived by one premise and that is that you make a choice in either Star Wars or Star Trek… now before you start yelling, I realize that this may get people upset, but its really how I went through life. I have always been a Star Wars kinds guy because I really liked the swashbuckling aspect to the concept with knights and princesses and Yoda, whereas Star Trek always seemed more science-ey to me. Funny thing is that I really know alot about Trek though, because my Aunt was a big Trekkie and my Dad would watch it frequently too. I remember playing with my Millenium Falcon toy while Trek was on in the background and I’ve seen every episode of the original series, Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine at least twice. Still, I held firmly to my Star Wars roots.

This represents the emotional roller coaster that I've been on since I've been 5!

This represents the emotional roller coaster that I’ve been on since I’ve been 5!

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Guilty Pleasures – Robin


Salutations Evil Brothers and Sisters! This week, we’ve been hanging our heads in shame whilst admitting to some of our guilty pleasures here in the Evil Lair.  Today I’m chiming in with my geeky admission.  As lovers of comics, every now and then we have to face the music and cop to the fact that some of the stuff we love is pretty lame.  We’re voracious readers of a media that’s geared to a wide range of ages and tastes, so what’s appealing to a funny-book loving 12-year-old, isn’t going to exactly ring the bell of the refined, elder, arch-comic nerd, leaving us to take the good with the bad.  Look, at some point in the 70’s, or even still today, there were probably at least a few people who loved the surely created on a cocaine fueled dare, eyesore that was the Spider-Buggy.  Evil Geeks, I stand before you today to show off my own personal Spider-Buggy: The Boy Wonder

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