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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Black of Heart #1 & 2

I love a good noir story. I enjoy them even more when the lead character is a hard boiled detective. I was recently introduced to the independent Assailant Comics’ series Black Of Heart by Chris Charlton and it gave me the chance have my cake and it eat it too.

Black_of_Heart_001_Assailant_Comics (dragged)

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Tall Tales from the Badlands


Good day to all you low down, dirty varmints! Today I have a triple barreled review for you guys, and will be taking a look at a new comic that I was just introduced to, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty freaking awesome. Featuring a revolving door of artists and writers, mainly the Fahey boys Sean and Sheamus, with artists coming and going depending on the issue and story, we have a nice combination of people working on these books. I apologize in advance to the artists for not remembering all of their names, but I would be remiss to not at least mention them. There are quite a few, and all of them have done stellar work. I was lucky to be able to read issues 1-3, and now I want more. Why, you ask? Because it is exactly what I needed at this time. I’ll tell you why.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Hacktivity #1

tumblr_inline_mqdatrquJ41qz4rgpGreetings Evil Geeks!  The Indie Spotlight burns bright yet again today as we bring you a review of a recent submission to the Evil Geek E-Mail Hotline.  With paranoia over government snooping and overreaching authority reaching astronomical heights, writer Ovi Demetrian Jr. and artist James Whynot bring us a tale of a hacker facing down a 30 year prison sentence for what is being touted by protesters as a “victimless crime”.  Will he go quietly into a hellish nightmare of a prison sentence? Let’s hope not, because 30 years of lifting weights and reading doesn’t sound like a very exciting read!

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Saint Chaos #2

viewerGather round Evil Geeks, C-Mart is back with some sweet, sweet comic reviewing for you in this hot off the presses Evil Geek Book Report!  The Indie Spotlight sits atop the Evil Lair in a state of Bat Signal-Like refined regality, ,ready to illuminate today’s selection brought to you by the creative team of writer Noah Dorsey and artist Zsombor Huszka.  You may remember my earlier review of Issue #1 of Saint Chaos, or if you’re a fan of our podcast, Transmissions From the Evil Lair, then you may remember our interview with Noah Dorsey in which we discuss his Crime Noir comic, Saint Chaos.  Today we’ll be delving into issue #2 of Saint Chaos, so get your ponchos and galoshes on because things are about to get bloody!

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: Saint Chaos


Hey there Evil Geeks, the smell of fresh comics can only mean one thing: it’s time for another Evil Geek Book Report!  Today we’re shining our Indie Spotlight on Saint Chaos, created and written by Noah Dorsey (creator and co-writer of Image Comics’ Non-Humans), with art by  Zsombor Huszka.  One of the awesome things about being internet, writery types such as ourselves, is that every now and then someone will seek your assistance with getting the word out on a new project.  Noah contacted us via Twitter and asked if we could review his new book, so we jumped at the opportunity!  Saint Chaos is described by Dorsey as crime noir and issue #1 delivers on that promise in the form of the seriously messed up world of Simon Monroe.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Indie Spotlight: The Gathering Vol. 18: Pulp Heroes

It’s no big secret that I love the genre of pulp and film noir, at this point it’s part of my chemical makeup. So when I had a chance to review GrayHaven Comics pulp anthology I jumped at the opportunity. Pulp stories work perfectly for anthologies since they are often serialized and lend themselves to diverse interpretations. These 9 stories included in Volume 18 run the gamut.

PulpHeroes (dragged) 1

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